Homing missiles

Is anybod here to explain the effects of those missiles? Can’t see anything :roll_eyes:

Can you explain, which missiles u r talking about?

there is a new rune for firebolt towers introduced in Version 5.2

New Runes:
As previously announced, new, exiting Runes have now been added to the game! Have your Firebolt Towers send homing missiles after your enemies, let your Blockades shield your units as they hop over them or pull enemies right into the epicentre of the Sonic Blast’s damage with our new batch of Runes. There are more new ones to be found, so join forces with the Blacksmith and get cracking!

I think it’s easy, the tower does extra damage when sending the missiles … but that takes x seconds to start


The missile upon impact deals aoe type of damage, bit like a bomb but less strong imo.

Oh, now there are missiles in two items, one if that Foolish Robot and now these Firebolt Towers, so I got a bit confused.

The missile damage is very weak at low levels. It’s better to just save for the level 6 slow effect. The missiles may even so crazy damage by then too, hopefully.

Reference: Testing the New Firebolt Rune!