Hotfix in PROD to silently remove event

First you silently end the “Boost your offense” event, without further notice.

Even knowingly that we had 1 day left!  :angry:

While creating a new special offer?


Or you just like watching your community getting mad behind the scenes?

Yes what gives? Was raising money to upgrade a spell and poof, the boost your offense event is gone.

Well they have given a solid compensation for the mishap. 

I want to know what does this ultimate aura ring do?? 

Unfortunately, I started upgrading a spell right before they gave back the event again.

This is the ring pack, a set with all kinds of aura rings:


9 rings in total, which are basically worse versions then their pro-league counterparts.

Really bad luck. I think they should have reduced the cooldown to one day. Anyway the compensation they have given is already too much and if someone in mid level will utilize it then he will become superpowerful in three days.

The best way would be to have scheduled the event to the next week.

That way everyone would know it so we could plan ahead…

I’ll still be able to upgrade my useless Vikings ahahaha

Anyway, at least many low-mid levels might get advantage of it :slight_smile: