House of Athena

Greetings general,

If you are looking for a comfy and friendly alliance you’re happily welcomed at

                                 House of Athena

We participate in every war and commute through in-game chat and our own guild WhatsApp group, where you are also invited, if you like. 

We permanently keep up the Cyclops and the barricade blessing and as long as possible the war blessings.

So if you like to join our alliance with fun at the game and willing to donate to help maintain the blessings, feel free to search our guild name at the alliance-pantheon.

See you on the battlefields, general. 



Varath, officer of House of Athena.



you are welcomed to our alliance. conditions are

  • to fight in wars

  • donation min 20k

we are friendly and supportive of new members 

See you in chat!

Aelena, General of House of Athena

New session of recruitment, we are looking for four active members, level 80+

Search for us and join:

                      House of Athena

Defence models:

Layout 2

New round of recruitment for House of Athena. 

Looking for active members interested in fighting in wars. 

Search us in the guild tab and join!