How about a weekly gem lottery where the entry is a useless or double unique item

I’m hoping to garner support for a method to make use of unique items other than simply selling, forging or cursing since we only get pennies on the dollar when we sell an item that we have more than one of. I think a daily or weekly lottery in which a unique item is the required entry fee would spice up the game and at the same time offer a way for a person to recoup gold and gems spent trying to get unique items. Gems though would not have to be the only prize offered. A Titan chest or a chance at increasing a mastery could also be offered as a prize. And I’m sure members can think of other prizes that could be awarded. I’m certain that I can’t be the only one that is annoyed with useless unique items taking up space in slots. You could even hold the lottery as an alliance event rather than individual. Members of the alliance could give up their useless unique items for a chance for the alliance to win some prize. just think of the chatter something like this would create. The contest/lottery could be built around Hermes since he is the god of gambling, profit, hazard and gaming.   

If this type of platform created by flaregame it could be good for all. As many folks have double unique and they want to sell it but the consideration is low and may folks need unique item as they don’t have single unique. It could be a platform to fill this Gap. Yes consideration should be Gems and depending upon the level of folks and item should be given to them as per there level?.



If its free… I would do it every week. Even if I get new ones, they would be on my level, so thats not bad. However, I would prefer other options to win, like gems that you mentioned, or even a box of wisdom maybe.

It would be a win win for everyone since it wouldn’t actually cost flaregames anything. It’s not like they have to pay for the gems themselves. I think the draw would have to be based on someone’s ascension level though since the higher ranked players would obviously have more items to put into the draw. They could have two draws with levels 120 and above in one draw and everyone below in another. I wish more people would respond to this post though so that flaregames would take notice. No one as of yet has responded from flaregames. So it looks like they don’t really care what us players think. They just want the appearance of caring.