How about adding a new element to the war

In an effort to even out the playing field and to make things more interesting during the the wars I’d like to make a suggestion. Why not introduce a rebel alliance to be thrown into the mix? Just as the Odyssey has islands/heroes that have been generated by flaregames, so too can they do something similar for the war. In fact, they could use the same heroes. At least, I believe that is what flaregames has done for the Odysseys since I can never find the name of the opponent when I do a name search for them. Just imagine the surprise and havoc a rebel alliance that suddenly appears out of the whirl pool would cause. So in a 4 alliance war a 5th rebel alliance would appear part way through and attack one or 2 alliances. There are a number of ways that it could be set up so as to even the playing field, while at the same time having an element of randomness.

I’ve played an online game that did have that aspect during multi alliance wars, basically the rebel alliance would balance the battle generally by hitting more towards the more dominant alliance.
I guess for it to work here they couldn’t technically hold any islands for themselves to begin with but to launch a strike they could do from ships circling the islands. If they did win the strike they would win the island. Least this would give a big mismatch some additional fun. It did work well in the other online game that I played. Maybe the CPU rebels could drop some gems!


interesting idea, something that can be considered.
maybe if an alliance gets a 2v1 or even a 3v1 … that such an rebel alliance can be summoned on an defending island to help out (maybe 1 or 2 times in the long war and only if the system detects a 2v1 situation - however this can be made). ofc if they help you you cant get the war enhancement bonus but it can help to keep the island. like if you pay gems to a ship to protect a hero on your island. would fit into the concept.
or a permanent random element as described above - but would be bad if 2v1 and then the rebels are also against you >_<

Fighting against teams is good, because players get stronger & unpredictable. But it’s not the case with dummy team, initially it may look exciting but once it gets defeated it’s all the same again.
It’s like FG is one of the team & they have to work on it frequently to fight against us. Unnecessary burden on FG.

It’s like campain islands that we already crushed them and are thrown aside.

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Thanks for the interesting idea! Although it is unlikely we would implement something like this, we will discuss the idea as it may contain elements we could use in a different way.

@Dexter9 mentioned some of the problems with this, but also inherent are issues like the fact that it is usually possible to find a way to exploit the AI of such Alliances, and also that such things require very high maintenance from the team and are prone to bugs and other issues.

Closing this issue to free up votes.