How about an offense strategy change during raid

Hi all,

         This could be absurd, but how about introducing only one option of strategy change during the raid. Be it one spell, one troop, or one king gear. With the beasts sometimes getting difficult to kill and the forges making the towers strong plus 31 paths, the offense needs some sort of attention.

Suggestions are welcome. In real raids to strategy can change depending on the situation. 

This will take people away from the routine, like building an army in the front and depending on leadership/ scream. 

Probably midway a change in gear can be done to help win the raid, but it could also cost the raid it chosen wrongly.

i know it’s a crazy idea but then thought of seeking others opinion about it.


Suggestion/criticism are welcome.





It will be abused to the max.


If the gold and skull outcome follows the gear you start with, then I will wear my gold/ skull gear and immediately switch to full gear when the raid begins.


If the gold and skull outcome follows the gear you end with, then I will wear my full gear the entire raid until I reach the gate and change to gold/ skull gear.

Ok, then we remove the king’s gear and concentrate on Spells or Troop. One one possible change.

I’d rather have a cloth change during raid … all that running makes me sweaty…

No seriously, it could change the dynamics of the game.

I thought with over 1000 views, there would be more input.

its just an idea, no harm in improvising it.

Practicing with 3 offensive spells. We need to proceed faster now after the path got longer.

better to just give us extra stats slot on ring belt and boots, where you can find more spell perk which will help a lot in war raids

Yes, that extra slots is also a good one. Offense is getting kinda boring with the same routine buildup.

glad to hear you still enjoy defence

provide fourth slot for troop and spell . The offense gets powerful easily.

Fourth spell we already have, it’s the pal who activates it every 10 seconds. Fourth troop we also have, it’s the insta troop. 

In fact insta troop I 99% only use when I accidentally click on the insta troop. I like it the way it is now. Sure, I also come sometimes in situations where I make a mistake. For example forgetting to switch back my blizzard spell instead of sonic/toxic cloud, but still I like that I can’t switch the spell. For troops it’s also the case sometimes. When my knights are killed due to carelessness from my side, I wish I had picked the mummies instead, let them kill and get fresh units. But that’s also strategy, investigate your spells plus troops against the base you are going to raid.

I would feel uncomfortable when I could correct my mistake by switching spell or troops. Defense also can’t say. Oops, I put in troop x and placed tower y accidentally there, let’s change it during the raid. So for me it’s fine. The raider decided which troops plus spells he uses during the raid, if it’s incorrect decision, worst case scenario is that you lose. That’s all in the game. It makes you a better raider and where is the fun of winning all the time. 

right bro , and i am also happy with current spell and troops. But i suggested as an1l75 need powerful offense.

Don’t worry montysingh, An is one of the Genie family. I know that it was a suggestion

Yup, Jack, it’s indeed a suggestion that may be discussed, modified and something new comes up for the next update.

Seems sis one of your suggestion got an ear from FG.

Really glad this got implemented. It will help with no more attacking with the wrong hero! I wish they had made it look like the way the PL is, but that’s okay

It can also work counterclockwise. Say I put on my skull wardrobe abd accidentally touch another wardrobe, just befor raiding. 

It’s handy indeed, but also asks to be careful.

Which is why I would prefer the Pro League look. There is no risk of mis-clicking and you can see your hero before battle

The spells/troops should change with the wardrobe.