How about converter golds to gems?

I’ll apreciate if you guys give the converter/exchange from golds to gems, because so hard to get gems and easy to use it!

Are u maerique? I kinda miss him,without him the forum is sorrow

“I’ll appreciate if you guys…”

He’s not Maerique at all  :stuck_out_tongue:

1+ I totally agree!

It’s a nice suggestion, but it will never happen. Flare gets cash from players buying gems and why would anybody need to buy gems ever again if you can convert gold into gems?

I would rather suggest that blacksmith can also use gold instead of pearls for upgrading.

Yes, gold should be the mainstay for everything. If people need more gold they will surely protect them by using gems. So everybody spends gems = cash for Flare.


Lol this is a dream that will never realize…or if they do it, they put a thing like: collect 15M gold and you get instantly 1 gem