How about item combos?

Hi people,


What do you think about combos for item sets? If you get full set of related items, you get some boost for the stats. E.g. if you get Scorpion boots, Scorpion pauldrons and Scorpion tunic, you get something like “Full scorpion armor”, you get +100 poison damage on tops of all single item bonuses, or 10% up on single item stats or something like that.


It seems like bad side of the idea is that would tip the balance toward item importance a bit, but I am sure developers could balance it. On the other hand it would make the game much more interesting, and keep us playing more till getting item sets.


Would love to see your replies.


Cheers Mlax

I like your suggestion of plus combo if you set all same type of secondary item but i found ( in myself) some inconsistencies and there are few things that come to my mind about this: 

  1. You’d be benefited (in you example of poison) against snake towers but you can’t be get same beneficts against other type of tower (for ex. firebolt tower etc…) so i’d personally return at the varius combinations that you set in your Hero equipment;

  2. You’d get some nice beneficts also if you have to do some dungeons (i think about cave of grave goods XV that has only bomb towers as towers - so a full set against blunt damage could be perfect).


But i would organize your idea in another way, that is:

  1. Prefacing having in-game a “default” bonus (don’t think about this word like a real default value but only a goal that you have to reach before having that kind of bonus) for example a king at level 60 that has 2000 of defence in helmet have a plus defence of +100/+200 (i put bulls**t here, it isn’t a real value to consider) on that kind of bonus; so with method everybody can put the set they want but reaching a default value before getting that bonus it’s more rewardly;

This Plus Bonus, if we want to call like it, can be bought only by Granny’s Shop, but in this case our grandma should be more generous towards us, otherwise we won’t ever have this kinds of advantages !


Thanks you!

Hmm… to start with, I personally would NEVER EVER wear a full set of items if the set includes boots, because I love and adore my speed boost boots too much to bother.


Also I find it difficult to think of “sets” as parts of equipment with same secondary stat, because most items just have different kind of secondary stat types they can have at all. E.g. speed boost exclusive to boots, shield (fire/poison/normal/ice) boost exclusive to helmet/pauldron/armor, damage boosts exclusive to weapon/gloves, gold boost on cape, helmet, ring, belt, boots… etc etc… I mean, different types of sets would be necessary for different kind of stat, with different amount of items, and they partially overlap and… gets complicated very quickly.


Plus, already now it can be very hard to get a decent offer for that item we want to upgrade currently (i.e. I got no decent sword upgrade for months). Adding sets and stuff would increase complexity and with current granny behaviour it would just make it all more difficult to get what you actually want or need… 


Having a dedicated item slot called “aura” or “necklace” or whatever, that grants a bonus to some kind of stat, would be more practicable maybe.

I think this idea could be taken a bit further.

has anyone here played dungeon defenders??


if you wear items all of the same type (chainmail, leather, plated) you get bonuses on all their stats (regardless what the stats are)

so if flare associated “sets” of armour appearances then once u get a set it just boosts all the items’ stats

No… No no no… Because if they balanced it, then those of us without sets would be SEVERELY disadvantaged…

Here’s what I think. When they create new levels for towers, /then/ they can add sets of items to balance it out. That way, the sets don’t matter until end game. And at end game, players are typically getting multiple items of the same stature anyway, so collecting sets isn’t quite as hard. In other words, at end game, items don’t become obsolete, so it’s easier to collect sets.

I think it is a good idea if you have enough gold and diamonds :grinning:

It is difficult to find decent gear right now, and quite expensive to buy it. Adding additional complexity in the shape of “if I buy that new item with appearance XY, I will lose my current set bonus, making my overally stats decrease despite the new item being better than the old one”, it will be even more depressing to equip your king.

I mean, it’s not like you can just decide what appearance your new gear has. You have to buy an offer if it is one of the few that actually give you a decent stat increase and fit your needs, while being not too expensive to afford. So even if a high level player might at some point have several pieces of armour, most of them will be outdated, making them useless unless a combo boost is giving you a really huge (let’s say 50%) increase for some stats. But then in turn, those boosts will be too overpowered. 

i just want an easier way to get new gear without having to spend a ton of gems to skip through grannys trash.