How about new quests for top level players?

How to earn gems if you are top player? My level is 90+ And most of quests already finished. Underground too. I think it will be amazing if you add new quests… Or something like new underground. As i imagine… new quests should be available when player reaches at least 90 level… or even 100 level. I hope this idea can stimulate to grow up after 80 level

They keep adding new ways to spend gems, ALOT of gems…

But no other way than to buy it :confused: so I agree

Quest : cast 50000 sonic blast

time/raid = 2 min 40 sec = 160 sec

sonic blast cool down = 15 sec

sonic blast cast/raid = 160/15

Raid needed for completing the quest = 50000/(160/15)=4688 raid

assuming 1 year=365days, raid/day=4688/365=13 raid/day

after 1 year with 13 raid/day. finally the quest is completed. here take your reward

and the reward is 20 gems. LOL

*just a very rough calculation


they need to change about the quest and quest reward


Yeah, I’m still surprised they didn’t introduce new quests when monsters arrived, the same like we have for other troops. Or like use scream button x times. I almost completed all quests as well, the only ones that are left are for spells and troops I don’t really use anymore

Pls be patient and wait,they have done new quest for top players,i.e.:how to rip of more of your gems by introducing the blacksmith,lol

There should be daily quests. That would be really cool

There should be daily quests. That would be really cool

Actually, it’s time to rework all the quests. Most of them are obsolete. In the past we had very nice quests with a lot of gems. Now, it’s laughable.

Also, many quests flares have turned into ridiculous ones. For example “Defeat 2,500 opponents attacking your castle”. Assuming most of the opponents attacking you are stronger, this quest is one of the longest lasting to achieve. It takes about 1-2 years to complete it. If I recall right, the prize was 500 or 1,000 gems in the past. Now it’s 20 vouchers. A bad joke…

The other quests with 50,000 are not logical as well.

Daily quests would be great

Come on ed , i had that one in 6 months time… Just put enough gold for grab and build a decent defence…

Spend 1000gems daily quest and receive 50 vouchers :wink:

Daily quests - super idea! I hope version 2.0.0 - would be global common update and include all our wishes :slight_smile: