How about PRO WAR event

What do you think about some kind of alliance competition that would not allowed using gems like in PRO event? LacunaC gave an idea that skull gear could by used in some kind of competition like that. It coud least for a few days (2-3) alliances would be matched like in conquest - by users activity in this event in general and latest scores. Fight would be limited as in war (by day for example) and total skull (or any other points) will be compared in the end. There might by 4 teams participating with the same max number of players (what is most important i think)

It would give one day fight period what this game is missing so much after introducing conquest engine.

My and my friend idea behind of it is to make gem free competition between teams (so rewards could be also gem free :grinning: - maybe some alliance gold ).

What do you think of it?

Well… It’s a game, not a job. We have now a couple of events that return on a scheduled period of time and honestly, it’s more than enough. Every Friday till Tuesday we can participate in a pro league. We have war seasons, ninja event, plus conquest. And during those events or recess, we can even have festivals.

Only optional parts are (in normal situations) are the non team activities. When thinking about it, they are all more or less team events. Sure there are individual rewards, but a team benefits from members participating. It’s not done to let your team take care of war seasons and conquest, plus teams want pro boosts plus defensive ninjas. So more or less we are forced to spend a lot of time on the game even on moments we have other important things to do.

You suggest a new time consuming event and since most of us don’t want to be constantly confronted with being married to the game, I am not looking forward to it. Besides that, using scrolls, resurrections are a source of income for Keenflare, so why would they even be interested to create such a competition? Implementation costs time and they are no charity company doing this for free. It makes no sense to create a new competition without proper rewards for the winners. So why would a team participate? 

No thanks. We have already Pro League,Leagues,Dungeon,War Season,Conquest and Ninja Event. Plus Normal raids,time to chat with teammates,etc… Already too much in the game. I play a game name Magic Rush on my Ipad there is over 20 features if no more to do. Can be fun to have more P2P event or PVE buts no. No one will like spend 1 hours or 3 hours for doing all each days.

If one days we will have daily quests. Not enough stuffs kill a game, too much kill a game. Its hard for developer to find a right balance. Sadly Conquest have make RR2 a pain to play. Majority have stop or leave the game and killed more the game. One more PVP or PVE will dig his own grave. RR2 is fragile now. One more mistake and its over.

Guardians make RR2 more in dead states. Now level 1 to 90 are dead. Trophy 1 to 3000 is dead. Alliance below top 500 are dead. So one more mode and its over

Let’s say its the time consuming who have kill RR2. Flare have add more time consuming with Conquest who have kill ever more RR2. Guardians have bring unbalance and kill defense at least for low,medium and high player. Only very high are safe

too much mistake have kill RR2. So Pro War no thanks. The idea should have be good in 2014-2015 with 1 million active players but in the state RR2 is now under 100k. No