How about War gold for the victors

I love rewards chests for players, what about spoils of war for the whole alliance . Gold for the Treasury of the top 3 alliances.

Be Feared James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.

Don’t we get already enough rewards from the chests? Individual players are rewarded with chest for helping their team. Players who didn’t help at all or just a littlebit are also rewarded this way and that is the reason why I would say that only if everyone gets just a piece of the gold and that it would depend on the skulls you scored for your team.

But even then, we already get enough rewards. I would suggest to give more gold for war raids, for example give for every skull you score 100 gold extra. So if your raid a player with 1000 skulls, you get 100k gold extra. That stimulates players to help their team.

The idea is bad, it’s not right at all, but, I get it, I feel a lot of player just don’t want to participate in the wars because they need gold at that moment in time.

A better approach would be the gold awarded to the players of the winning alliance according to the number of skulls won. Or get more gold from war battles!

Or even better, when a player did not participate 50% of wars for at least 3 or more raids, don’t reward that player with war boosts. Also when you go to another team, this rule would prevent players to jump for (war) boosts. If they would introduce this as extra rule non team participants will suffer their selfish actions and reform their bad behavior after a few seasons.

Better gold rewards during war seasons would definitely help. Attacking outside war is fine with me, but first help your team, that should be the reason why you joined that team.

When I have to chose between helping the team and being selfish the choice is simple, I will help my team, no matter what. And most of my team members think the same way. I don’t care that I can’t make enough gold for an intended upgrade, at least I helped the team. I even don’t care that I just can’t do an upgrade, because I must donate, that’s all in advantage for the team. Those selfish players should change their vision.

To prevent it, make a history of alliances of a player for the last couple of weeks or introduce reputation counters.

I am thinking on following reputation counters/information:

  • War raid reputation: For at least three raids during a war season give +1, doing all raids give 3 points. When skipping a war, give -5 points. Lowest possible reputation is 0.
  • Daily donation: Give info of how many days a player is member and display everage donation of that player in days. When a player skips donations often, teams can see that and ask the player in question why he didn’t donate. An alert would help the player in question also to remind him he needs to donate.
  • Jumps during war seasons: Leaving in the middle of the war season is something not done. As a leader I would be curious if a player left during war season and how often he did it already in the past.
  • History of alliances; Information from the last couple of months should do it, when a player jumps from Alliance to alliance I would first ask him for the reason why, before accepting him.

With this kind of info jumpers and players that misbehave would have problems abusing teams.

I was not suggesting players receive the gold reward, the Alliance Treasury would .

Ok, as a team you mean, but gold needs to be related to fiefdoms then. 10M is a lot of gold for a team that just started, while it’s nothing for a top team. So what do you suggest? Should the gold depend on alliance level?

Exactly !!! yes ! Anything in the millions, helps lower level alliances. My alliance tower is at 100 k, I’m the leader all but one other member are much lower. This would be a great prize,in addition to the war boosts.

I agree with all the points made my Dena4. Yes, sometimes we do have to choose between collecting money for upgrades or play in war, speaking honestly I do gather money for my upgrades first then I participate in the war (even then I complete all my raids :stuck_out_tongue: