How active is the game?

Hello everyone.


I started playing yesterday and enjoy the game a lot so far.

But i’m starting to feel like i’m all alone, i can’t find an alliance with active players. (Chatting players)

And even made a post 12 hours ago in the looking for alliance section, sadly with no respond on it.


Is the community that small?

Or am i simply  being neglected in the alliance section because of my low level?


*Edit* Am in an alliance now and the community on forums and ingame seems nice, so rather ignore the above. :wink:

It will take some time till you find an alliance with people you will like :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure, but if you are playing this game just for 2 days, the only alliances that will take you are the ones that are build also by completely new members, some of them may not be that active yet as you wish. I suggest you keep playing, discovering the game and aliances till you find your temporary home.  Once you level up and upgrade your Alliance Tower, more and more active alliances will take you.

If you search for interaction with other players, of course hang out on this forum :slight_smile: You can also try to join some groups on facebook, where people are more chatty and post a lto more than here.

Too low. 

Need to be high 70’s and low 80’s. By that time you can figure out what you want from an alliance.

  • i think its because they is so much alliance maybe 3,000 or more and today its hard to find player or create new alliance. Some do new alliance for nothing and then big alliance level 36+ have trouble to find players to refill their alliance

  • For active player the problem its maybe 60% have a life in off of this game and don’t play much maybe come just 1 or 2 time a day

  • For chat no one don’t want talk because 1st they join a alliance who don’t have their speak language : Exemple a French join a English one, Spanish join a English one, Chinese join a Corean one,etc…

  • With the time you’ll see its hard to find alliance that give what you want : You can join a alliance with members who particiapte at 90% in War but don’t use Elite Boost, you can leave and try another one but this time not participate much in War maybe 35% of members but use a lot Elite Boost, you can leave try another who no participate at War maybe 40% and don’t use Elite Boost, you can leave and try another one who don’t participate in War,don’t use Elite Boost,don’t talk in chat,etc…

its hard to find a alliance who can give you all you want


Doing my best to progress so an active alliance might take me.

But for now it feels lonely, would be nice to have a place to call home. :slight_smile:

And never been a facebook user.

70-80 seems far away for now, no alliance will take me before that?


That’s a blunt way to put it but i guess that answers the question for the most part, no chat active alliances. :slightly_frowning_face:


For sure you will find some alliance before that, don’t worry. But at the beginning people in those alliances may not be that active as they are still trying to figure out whether they enjoy the game etc. Once you level up (if you enjoy the game and are active it will happen in no time) you will find many alliances full of people like you.

As an old player here, I will give you some advices. In order to move to higher, more active alliances you will have to upgrade your alliance tower (with gems) and be active during wars (5 day wars).

But don’t spend all your gems on upgrading Alliance tower ! As a new player, first you need to get 3rd troop and spell slot which also costs gems. Later, you will want to spend gems on packages etc. You need to study carefully what to do first in order to level up fast. It will take some time to you to discover the game, don’t worry.


You will find on this forum many useful tricks, don’t hesitate to ask. You may also want to check out some videos on Youtube, make sure they are fairly new, there are some old videos made when game was something completely different than it is now.

I may suggest you to join the alliance called PK: Laughing Coffin, it’s my friends’ alliance which now is currently trying to drop fiefs (you will find out about it later), there are around 30 members, some of them low level, some of them high level. But since there are 30 people (which probably doesn’t happen in alliances around your level)  maybe you will find more talkative people who would give you some tips.

Thanks for the advice.


I do am slightly rushing the Alliance tower because i hoped i might be accepted faster if i could do bigger donations.


Would love a 3rd spell slot indeed but it costs alot, i’m nowhere near that and have no clue how i should get it.

I used my first 500 jewels on an extra worker, guess that was a bad move.


Left my alliance and tried to find it but it doesn’t seem to exist.

There’s a guy on Youtube called Jason Wivart, I believe he recently started making some new videos with a completely new account, I didn’t watch them but I believe they will help you a little bit in the early days, I’m pretty sure that guys says how to get/save gems.

If you realise you made a bad move with spending 500 gems, you may also try creating a new account and start everything from the beginning making sure not to make such silly mistakes  (that’s what I did nearly 2 years ago when I spent all my gems on crappy things, lol).

@playerme I give you some of my tricks :

You are lucky you come after update 2.1.0 you have the chance to play the game with so much help now!!

Before 1.7.0 the game was hard but now so easy

  1. Keep your gems and never spend them to finish fast a building

2.More its your Alliance tower and more you donation cap its high more your chance to be accepted in high alliance. Some make the mistake and stay at 1k,5k,10k,etc…

3.Unlock fast if you can 3rd spells and 3rd units

4.Accumulate pearls for later in the game to boost unit,spells and defense and equipment at level 100+

5.If you want to level up fast try to beat higher player than you who give very high EXP and when you find one that you can beat. Defeat him 3 times each 3 hours or 1 times each hour you can gain later in the game like 1 million EXP per day

6.During War keep your chest they have a expire time of 14 days, only if you need it you can accumulate 17 free chest. you have Daily chest each day,etc… Enough gold to upgrade your stuffs enough fast

  1. to help you with some things you can watch : Flothaboss video on Youtube, Opelle,Jason Wivart and myself

Just type PK: Laugh and it should appear, at least it did for me. If not, try to find a member called Fabi526 and then go to the alliance

I rushed a few buildings and knew i would regret it, but didn’t spent big amounts. :slight_smile:

Alliance Tower should be at 20k donation worth tomorrow, unless it has long building time.

Saving pearls indeed, was pretty sure i need them later.


And i tried to attack higher levels a few times but that didn’t end too well, end up losing up to 35 trophies haha.

Found it, thanks alot. :slight_smile:

Btw, check out this forum, in the game there are many events that will come and go. For example, tomorrow starts Castle Boost events, it will last 3 days. During the event you can upgrade buildings inside the castle gate + farms by cheaper cost (including Alliance Tower), also workers will be cheaper during that event.

Events change all the time and you can benefit from them.

I will sadly not the able to fully benefit of it as i don’t have any gems saved up and honestly don’t plan on buying any yet, most likely will when i play longer. :grinning:

Will try to wait with my tower upgrade tomorrow till the bonus is on so i win a whole 10 gems, haha.

I sent you friend request in game, if you want, accept it and if you have any questions ask me there :slight_smile:

Accepted, ofcourse. :wink:

The game is very active, check out facebook biggest group where most people hang out and chat, the official forums is not that active unless there is a big patch coming


The best thing to do is educate yourself a little bit, it will go very far. 


Best way to spend gems

Filling up your treasure chamber can help you earn free hero gear and pearls! look


Alliance wars are your friend, raid in them to help not only your alliance out but yourself as well as you will earn free magic chests!

Will check the vids tomorrow. (eu)

Thanks for the input. :wink:

TheNorthWind is my alliance and we accept members level 40+. No donation required but we do expect that you try your best in war season.