How are the Alliance Points in Ninja Event Determined?

In the current Ninja event, my alliance would need 100% participation and we would still not reach defense ninjas. One member did some math and figured out that we’d each need to get 150% of our total available points to reach defense ninjas (that’s a mathematical impossibility, for those that aren’t good with numbers). How are the point goals determined and is there a way we can modify that number for the future? It’s hard to get folks to participate in an event that it’s completely impossible to win.


It is determined by alliance level. E.g. our alliance only needs 150k from each player to get defense ninjas and we are level 77.

You will probably need stronger players if what you are saying is true. There is no other Way, sorry.

Or need to increase alliance level

It’s based on the alliance level. The only way you can get the ninjas if you think that you can’t get them with full participation, is that your members get a tier higher, where they can get more coins. There’s no way to reduce the needed coins for the defensive ninjas