How are we Ranked 2nd? WAR SEASON TIMING OFF TOO.

Our WAR SEASON started at 10:00 a.m. The second battle and everyone thereafter started at 9:00 a.m.? How does that work?


And the alliance window says we are ranked 2nd. But the STANDINGS screen says we are first.









Rank is shown on the basis of total number of skulls whereas standings is shown on the basis of total number of fiefdom.


I see that, but the WAR SEASON is won by Fiefdoms first. If a tie in Fiefdoms, the 1st place is achieved by skulls. So, why is the rank based on skulls? That is backwards.

Obviously…but it is designed like that.they want to show two things I.e rank by skull and rank by feifdoms.i think it is good method to show that.see you can’t show two things by single method…right.

@ROCK619 - love your base design!

Hehe…thanks…i completely changed my towers from firebolts and snakes to skulls and bombs recently.that is why my base is weak right now because all towers are low level.but I am working on it:)