How are XP points calculated?

When I played Ninja levels today, I cleared all towers, enter gate area and also clear all towers, and then move back a bit and watch the show when my troops take down the gate itself. However, while watching it today, I wondered if I’d get more XP points when I’d take down the gate myself. Does anybody know if XP depends if your king takes down to gate or if any of your troops take down the gate?

We don’t know. Just Flare have the answer of this question since many years. Many ask this question without any answer. But many players have do many tests and what we find out is

1.Time have a big role in the XP. More troops and wave you defeat more XP you get. So if you finish with 1 minute 15 seconds a raid you will lose so much XP. So try to finish with 20 seconds

2.the level of towers. More the opponent have level up is tower and more XP you get. So if you face a player by example level 30 with level 1-2 tower probably you will gain like 4 or 5k XP but if you face player level 60 with tower level 6-7 good chance you will get over 15k XP per raid 

3.Elite Boost,War Boost and Special Boost give you a little more XP. So try to face opponent with boost

  1. Of course the wave you face. If you face a base with knight,Archer and Paladin. Don’t waste your time on this player. You will get no XP. Try to find a base with Ogre,Werewolf,Arblaster,Mummy,etc… more stronger a units and more XP you get

so take care to choose wisely your opponent. Just in the overral you can see what XP he give or close (if you know the game). When i see a base with knight,Frost Tower and spike I skip it. I know the XP will be around 5k or less. So I try to find a base with Skull Tower,Firebolt with Snake Tower and boost troops and wear XP gear to gain 15k-20k per raid

I will try to post my video about that on my Youtube. I show how to max XP. I will do it for level 30-50 (15-20k) and after for 60-80 (30-40k) for 80-90 (150k) and for 100-110 (600k+)

PS : forget XP gear in Ninja Event. This event don’t give decent XP. its ridiculous the amount of XP there same if you have 200% XP gear. So take your fight Gear. you will lose you time and your food for nothing. Ninja Event is only for chests,pearls and uber items and nothing less.

i will try to explain more with screenshot wait…

Look this screenshot what you see? just with this screenshot you can see what XP you can gain. Its obvious I will gain less than 4K in this raid because he have only few towers, probably level 1-2 Towers and his wave contain knight,paladin and archer probably low levels. Avoid this kind of base if you want max your XP.  The majority don’t know how to get maximum XP and they waste their time to attack low XP players

Howerver for the same level I am level 51 you can find this. Look the screenshot its obvious this guy give a lots of XP just with his base. You can know before attack he will give a lots of XP. When I defeat him in my favorite list he give me with my 20% XP gear over 30k XP because he have a lots of Tower, some have upgraded at level 6+ in light grey and dark grey color. However his wave sucks but for now 30k is really awesome. If later this player change his wave for Ogre,Werewolf or Necromancer with Monk. Probably I will get 50k-80k easy or more with some boost

to able to make you understand more I will give one more screenshot

Here you can see why I have keep this in my favorite list. Its obvious when you look the base you will gain huge XP. I get 50k XP with this base. She never give gold but she give huge XP because she have Firebolt Tower, over 10 Towers, many traps, froster and gargoyle. Of course like previous screenshot if she change his troops wave for Monk,Necromancer,Ogre or Werewolf with some boost. I will gain after like 70k-100k per raid

Hope that will help many players to understand and maximize XP in their future raids

I give the table stats for each level of Max XP (Can be more or less depending if you don’t use XP gear or if your XP gear is higher than mine at 20%)

Level 1-10 = 3K max

Level 10-20 = 5k max

Level 20-30 = 7K max

level 40-50 = 20K max

Level 50-60 = 50k max

Level 60-70 = 60k max

Level 70-80 = 70k max

Level 80-90 = 80k max

level 90-100 = 90k max

level 100+ = 100k max

with 170% XP Gear and more multiply X6 or close the number by example at level 100 the max is 650k maybe 700k. For a level 80 around 300k,etc…

more you XP gear is high more XP you get too

If I remember with no XP Gear is close like this

Level 1-10 = 3K max

Level 10-20 = 4k max

level 20-30 = 5k max

level 30-40 = 7k max

level 40-50 = 10k max

level 50-60 = 25k max

level 70-80 = 50k max

level 80-90 = 60k max

level 90-100 = 80k max

level 100+ = 100k max (You see without XP gear you will need like over 5000 battles if not 10000 for 1 level so maybe over month. However if you use XP gear at 200% you will get easy 10 millions XP per day and can level up in 3-5 days for a level)

Edit : About number 3 : I confirm at 100% elite boost don’t give more XP

I have nothing against @Warriornator but all the above said smells a little not true. beginning with

only war boost mummy will give more  XP

boost monk or not boost does not matter! how much I know

I would like an exact guide, from an experienced person. such as @FTB and @oPelle


nothing personal


upd: and it does not matter when you finish the raid! what 20 seconds? the main thing is to beat the gate and no matter how much time you have left

Actually It does, if you beat it quickly you would kill less waves so you get less experience… Although if you can beat it so fast you should try a harder base that might give you more experience.



There is a simple reason why people attack players with no alliance to farm XP: they get easily xp and less difficult raids since there are no boosts activated. It’s because xp doesn’t rely on elite boost. You get the same amount of xp from a lvl 1 knight and a lvl 1 blazing knight.

And what VCTR said it’s true: the more you wait until last 1sec to let out all waves the more xp you get.

ok i test now

1 min left 512 574k

3 sec left 538 628

26 054k the difference is, but not significant, is it really worth your time? why complicate your life? quickly farm and shut the game waiting until the bread arrives

sorry @VCTR86 I actually thought that there is no difference, but I’m on the part of the rights, it is not significant :grinning:

The difference is only significant when you fight mummy bases

Thank you, @Warriornator, for the detailed description of XP dependencies. It’s good to have it all in one place. :slight_smile:

But my original question was, if the XP you gain will depend if your king is taking down the gate (or in other words, if your king is actively participating in the attack), or if you let the troops of your army the honor to take down the gate.

I’ve made some experiments, and the preliminary answer seems to be: XP does not depend if the king actively takes part in the fights or not.

For example: I (level 102) attacked the same player in different styles. The player was level 98, but has much less trophies than I, so neither I nor he gains or loses trophies in the fights. In first attack, my king does not attack at all, not a single blow, no spell, nothing. Only Dracomancers take down all towers, all waves and the gate, with 29 seconds left: +105,571 XP. In next attack, only my king attacks, not a single troop (other than the Ninjas), 28 seconds left: +105,571 XP. Exact same XP! If I’m 5 seconds faster, and so skip one wave: +103,348 XP.

(No special XP gear was used, only 15% XP boost from using pro bonus.)

No problem  :grinning: