How can I change the settings keys

I don´t like use 1,2,3 to invoke and 5,6,7 to the spells

I can chage it?

It’s not possible as far as i know.

You could possibly use normal key remapping tools (google “windows key remapping”).

Is this referring to windows pc? Do these keys automatically work (123/567)? Is this along top row or on number pad? Do you have to enable hot keys in the settings somehow?

remapping your keyboard not the best idea as there is no easy way to toggle this on/off when you finished playing.

Look into getting a gaming keyboard.

most with have hotkeys off the normal keyboard set up that are programable for all your games.

As someone who uses a desktop PC I would like to know how to actually use setting keys, because we are at a distinct disadvantage (in fact, a ONE HAND disadvantage). It’s enough that Windows players are screwed over re: pearls for ads. It would be nice to get at least a little bit of parity with those who can use both hands to play.

Fairness. Hey devs, look it up here:

Actually I think it’s better to play on PC, I feel I’m a better raided on my computer than on my phone. On phone you have weird problems like having to tap a place multiple times for it to work, you only have two thumbs to do everything and also a way tinier screen so it’s harder to see the game clearly. On PC each finger has a specific function and you can also put your “keyboard hand” on a position where you can instantly use any unit and spell right in the moment whe you want it, and guiding the king  with the mouse and clicks with your “mouse hand” is easier in my opinion.

I think the issue is that UG cant get hotkeys to work at all. Is there a special setting he needs to enable to allow hot keys to work within the PC game or is it automatic 123, 567 ?


The game sets it automatically to 123, 567 and it can’t be changed.

is that number pad or above letters or both (normal keyboard)

Numbers above letters (1 above Q, 2 above W and so on…)

You should be able to change it with “Autohotkey”. I can’t tell you how, though …


AutoHotkey sends several tools into retirement. It unites hotkey and text macros and offers a scripting-language, which is more powerful than every batch-file.

are you reading this? It should automatically work by pressing numbers above letters.

I just did. I was using the number pad. Let me try with the other numbers.


ETA: Well it does work. Thank you all for your help. And I need to practice practice practice!:slight_smile:

Great no more clicking everything :lol: