How can I delete my forum account?


If you want to delete your forum account for whichever reason, you can do this easily by yourself. Your user data will be deleted and posts/topics will be deleted as well!


  • Please note, it is not allowed to delete your account to bypass moderation and account actions or to otherwise vandalize the delete function. The moderation team reserves the right to rule out a return to the forum for a user.
  • An account deletion happens directly! If you use the account deletion option you agree that we cannot offer support to restore your data (even if you accidentally deleted your account).

How to:
Go to your settings menu on your user profile page (upper right corner of the forum, click on your avatar picture).


Then scroll to the bottom of that page and click the “delete my account” button.

After clicking said button you will receive one last confirmation prompt if you really want to perform that action. Once you confirm the action is performed and cannot be reversed.

Forum User Settings Guide
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