how can i destroy mass elite mummy?

no way…

upon dying they create large numberof elite knights…

need to upgrade my firestorm?

Or is there another way?

2 spells, well timed to also take out a tower or some barricades.  Hit the mummy & a tower with a sonic blast, then clean up with blade storm and try to get a barricade with the blade storm, too.

Swordrain maybe can help

Since I use Ogres, I just let the knights pass, and an ogre kills them all in one swing.

Another interesting strategy, is a herd of Gargoyles. Yes, you heard me, a herd of gargoyles. Here’s the funny thing about Gargoyle vs. Mummy in a defensive situation. If an enemy spawns an elite mummy mummy in front of a herd of gargoyles, the mummy will only stun the first gargoyle. The rest of the gargoyles, then, take out the mummy. The first gargoyle, once un-stunned, immediately takes out the knights x)

Here is what I do for the mummies. When you see the mummies coming towards you from the opposite lane or so, prepare yourself for their arrival. Make sure you have a spell ready for when they get to you. When they reach you, let your troops kill the mummy, then use the spell you were saving to finish off the knights, and take out whatever tower/barricade is near you at the time. You have to use your spells wisely, or you will be in a pinch when they are on cooldown and you need one.


With these pesky arblasters/mummies boosts, I suggest you use blizzard shield and swordrain. Leave towers and barricades to your troops, while you focus on taking out the hordes of enemy troops that can deter your troops from advancing. Blizzard slows down the towers/troops and swordrain wipes out waves of arblasters, which are becoming more common. Swordrain is also useful in dealing with the knights that spawn from mummies. Let your troops kill the mummy, then swordrain all of the knights. If you time it right, you may even get the arblasters that will likely be right behind them or in the parallel lane.

Attack mummies with arbs and king and kill Knights with Hammerstrike. :wink: