How can I do? (Vicious circle.)

(I don’t speak English well. Understand roughly.)

I’m writing this because I can’t endure it.




Trophy is not important, but Odyssey is important. Almost every user is twice my odyssey.

Also, Enemies that haven’t changed in days(Even some users seem to have seen five days.) hinder my money’s gain. And It hinders my growth. It is vicious circle.

Therefore, How can I beat my enemies? How can I be stronger than my enemies?

Only matching system update will make it possible.


Island matchmaking has been screwed up for a couple of years now.

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thx for reporting.

recently captain morgan has described of what should be here:

because it seems that something is preventing the timeout-event (that should be random between 1h and 24h and should exchange oponent heros from an island) from triggering. i observed and documented 2 players that do not move for a few days now on purpose.

it is harder for strong players to even recognise it bc they just dont care who is on their map, they just beat everyone (at least with 90%), but for weaker players if they decide to dodge such strong players, they just sum up over time.

is an enemy removed from the island if you loose 3 times against him?
you should have only 3 possibilities:

  • clear island by winning
  • replace the oponent hero by loosing 3 times
  • replace the oponent hero by system timeout - (which does not work at the moment and should be considered as a bug.)

Same here @CaptainMorgan . Some opponents are more than a week. Opponents are not changing.


Hi NaN, thank you for explaining very well why some opponents sit on my map (even) for weeks.
However, you did not touch upon the fact that middle level players like wow2 and me have unbeatable opponents on our maps and also attacking us.
I am level 137 with almost 18500 fame. In recent months almost all of the opponents on my map are gold portraits level 140+. I fight hard to gain trophies to achieve a decent PHEME, using gems and forging skilfully, to no avail. In fact, for every 20 trophies I gain, I lose 30 defending my island against gold portraits mostly of levels 147-150, players who are among the first 300 in the world. I would really like to send the developers a few screens to show what I mean. Many players I spoke to have the same problem and are becoming disillusioned with the game.
I just joined the forum, after more than 2 years playing this game just to ask for the matter to be resolved.


welcome to the forum.

because normally this is a completely different pair of shoes. and there are also already a lot of posts and threads w.r.t. matchmaking and suggestion for improvements. the timeout event that replaced (too strong) players is part of a solution to overcome a matching that you dont like. but not every player is the same: some just like to farm weaker players, some like challenges (ofc if you only get such challenges or those dont disappear after 1-24h it is frustrating)

but as far as i can tell there have always been phases when the game/oponent „suddenly“ became hard. just speaking about myself now: mostly it was my own fault due to vatious actions or when i decided to lvl specific heroes. (but not forget: the hero rotation worked and maybe this comment might feel inappropriate. sorry if so)

:man_shrugging: my best farming hero hasnt even pheme equipped - but i do manual play 99% of all raids i would say.
imho at lvl137 you should not have troubles breaking through the defenses of most of the already lvl150 players and kick them from your island (at least with 1 hero and no autoplay ofc). you dont need every tower or the GK for that. and if the players are really top 300 (w.r.t. trophies) you should even still get lots of trophies from them. lvl and trophies are (in a lot of cases) not the best measure to estimate the strength of defenses or attackers.

but what i needed to learn when i levelled up: there is no need to win every fight. and when it happens more and more often i started to question: what did or do i make wrong s.t. it happens.

but maybe the times have changed now. but i assume that list that wow2 posted kind of grew since the last update. it should not have been that bad before, right?

i guess you can always contact the customer support if you have the feeling that something is not working propper and the game has become frustrating.

edit: they are now looking what might cause problems w.r.t. timeout for hero rotation:

Thank you for the answer NaN.
But your reply is hard to understand.

“You should have only 3 possibilities:”

  • clear island by winning
    ---->There are very few such islands. And others are overwhelmingly impossible. If it was possible, I would not have written this.

  • replace the oponent hero by loosing 3 times
    ----> Does it mean “you already know you are overwhelmingly going to lose but you have to try twice more?” Where would someone like it? not similar but overwhelming.

  • replace the oponent hero by system timeout - (which does not work at the moment and should be considered as a bug.)
    -----> not working. If it is a bug, it needs to be updated. And that’s not the solution I can do.

I just want to, even if I lose, try again with a challenging mind. And I would be happy if odyssey was similar.

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@wow2 and @Marubio, I would like to give @NaN what he deserves. I think that NaN fully acknowledge your problems with the bug (opponents don’t rotate). Actually, he’s the first one who brought it on the forum (in another thread). It caught attentions from CaptainMorgan so now it’s in the dev’s hands. We should thank NaN for that!

What he wanted to say, and it might be confusing, is that the “strong” guys didn’t notice it since they kick everybody out of their maps anyway (breaking the gate).

This bug shall be fixed. In the mean time, I’d suggest that you take a high demolition hero (Heracles or Jason) and just break through the barricades and the gate to clear your maps of “unbeatable” opponents. I agree that it’s not a noble way to fight, but during the Big-Bug-Boss time … :wink:.


@Marinien Thank you for the explanation.
I didn’t know that @NaN was a normal user and captain morgan was a developer.

I look forward to the next update and thank everyone who reply.


This is also an opportunity to focus on your hero building strategy. The bug with island enemies not cycling will probably be fixed fairly quickly if they can find it. The larger matchmaking problems might never be fixed.

  1. Be very selective about what upgrades you buy. Focus on a few units and powers that you can use with most heroes, and max them out. Upgrade the defensive structures that are in your best defense. Don’t upgrade anything else, especially resource buildings. For a little while try to focus on making your heroes as tough as possible without raising your level. Really pay attention to how much XP things give you.
  2. forge like crazy. Start with two cooldown rings you can use with every hero. Then work on one raiding hero you can also take to war. The reason you want to slow your leveling is to let you get a lot of use out of the equipment you forge. It’s not permanent, you’re just catching your breath. If you get a few really well forged heroes you should be able to attack enemies which are above your level. If you want to send me screenshots of your heroes I can give you more specific advice.

@CaptainMorgan, I know the matchmaking algorithm is dangerous to play around with, but I think there might be one part of it that’s really super broken now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as you level up, the algorithm assumes that the player is getting stronger and is thus able to take on tougher challenges. Since it sees toughness=ascension level, this means that the highest level enemy you can be matched with is on an exponential curve. So if at level 1 you can only match with players from 1 to, say, 3 or 4, by the time you’re, say, level 110 you can match with players up to 130-135, and above that there’s really no ceiling. This might have worked when the level cap was 115 (debatable), but it’s not really good design any more. If it works this way is that something that could be fixed without breaking everything else?


Thanks to all who replied to this thread.
I am really looking forward to Captain Morgan’s answer to Dumpster’s question.

Sorry for how long it took to get back to this thread. We’ve looked into the situation and there is at least some agreement here with the point you’ve raised. It is something we can potentially tweak without large side effects, so we may do something for a near future server update.

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