how can I restore the game on my new laptop?


I got a new laptop and my old laptop is damaged. my old laptop was linked to microsoft cloud so the game was backing up but on my new laptop I can’t find the option to restore from cliud for the game when I downloaded it it shows only code transfer and when I try to do it from my phone it’s showing I reached the limit.

so what should I do?? how can I link the game to my cloud so I restore it on my new laptop??

If you started a new game on your laptop, after the tutorial they should have asked you if you wanted to restore your account on the cloud, at least this happens on Windows Phone (I’ve never reinstalled the game on my PC).

If they didn’t, try reinstalling the game again and see if they do this time. If not, I guess your option is to send a ticket to support.

it always shows when I download it on an iPhone but on PC it’s just the first time I download it. I know that I can restore it from Cloud drive but idk why it’s not working at all now it doesn’t show this option 


how long does the support ticket take? and I do it by the forums or how?

The support will answer back on Monday or Tuesday.

Monday is a public holiday in Germany, so except if you are lucky it will be more likely Tuesday.

And doing it through the support is the only way to restore your account.

You can contact support here.

And we don’t know how much time does it take for them to answer you, it depends, sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s not. Your main problem now is that it’s Saturday and they don’t work on weekends, so you’ll have to wait until Monday.

I am not sure about this but I think if you go in C:\User\Username\Appdata (you must make hiding file able to see) and in Local and copy the folder Packages. its their the game in windows store save. I cannot said exactly where RR2 is but I continue my search

don’t worries I gonna find it. that interest me too to know how to keep the save file for futur backup. When I gonna find it I gona write it how

ok app are stored in C:\Program Files\Windowsapp (Hidden) (File - View - and in Hiddens Files and Folder just click on Show hidden files)

app game are save in C:\User(Username)\Appdata (Hidden)\Local\Packages for Royal Revolt 2 you must copy the folder in your new laptop :


not sure if that work but you can try




if you want to save your new app in your laptop 

Go in Metro App in letter S to get Settings, in Systems and in Storage you gonna see New app will save at and choose you new locations if you want to save on USB or external HDD


I saw this once with a new system ,

I synced the OneDrive , yes its a wait for that to complete… then uninstall reinstall and worked.

I sometimes have odd issues due to my low internet speed so if that’s the case for you just be patient.