How can I still lose medals?

I have all heros on base. And control no islands. Yet I still lose medals. Anyone explain how?

I don’t think it is necessary to control an island to get attacked.

I see the map as a matchmaker system, the groups of islands are the levels of difficulty.

The matchmaker seems to use an algorithm mainly (purely?) based on ascension level. So as long as you match the criteria to be attacked by someone, you will get attacked.

When one of your unprotected islands gets occupied, it doesn’t mean you’ve been attacked. Just means that the matchmaker offers you the possibility to attack someone new.


The impact of the hero level on the defense is still unclear though.


So what islands I control don’t matter for matchmaking ?

IMHO it doesn’t.

In RR2, the matchmaker was a simple button who gave you an opponent matching the algorithm criteria (with possibility to reroll for a bit of gold)

Here, they implemented the map system. More strategic for the player since he has some control on the resources he wants to secure in priority.

 But I am pretty sure the opponents on the islands are just determined by a simple matchmaker algo based on the ascension level.