How come Chaos Gate still active in some Alliance?!

Hey guys,


As you all know after the war over the Chaos Gate not blessing anymore and time to Phalanx Wall.


But now I have attack one player she’s name Mani from Russian team.

Blessing still active there! It’s Bug or what!


Best regards,

Aba Sohaib


Here is clear pic from Hussam

it seems to be mani didn’t disconnect after the war and stayed online , still a bug needs fixing

It can only really be exploited if a player never sleeps, so it’s really impossible… wait, who did you say still has a chaos gate!!! We have doomsday scenario, @CaptainMorgan

Guys hello, i think stuck from the game i met some times too that fail 


Please don’t tell me now players can cheat in OR. We have already full of cheater in RR2. Please no in OR. don’t scrap this wonderful game :slightly_frowning_face: