How did I get attacked while online after around 10 minutes?

I came online to do a fight or two in the war and after I finished a fight it came up with a window type thing saying how we could have saved X amount of gold. Then I went on my attack history and someone had attacked me while I was attacking. How does that work as I had more than my protected worth in my chamber at the time, that’s rather unfair even if they failed my base



Did you already spend quite some time ingame before? (Even if it’s not hours in a row, but in total for the day)

Also the gold can be taken from your taverns if you didn’t collect everything, if your gold is under protection.

My gold wasn’t under a gold shield, my taverns didn’t have much in as I always collect the gold regularly and I hadn’t spent hardly anytime on the game from 12am till the attack due to sleep and then I was at work. I popped on a couple of times but that’s it. So if people gave a shield on, others can take their tavern money as a substitute?



Not only with a shield.

If you have your gold protected by your treasure chamber too, the gold collected by the opponent can be taken from the taverns.

I doubt many people know that. Especially people lower than level 50. Still confused as to how I got attacked while online for a very short while though. Thanks for clearing the tavern thing up though

You were being attacked when you logged in. The attacker finished the attack. If you would of looked up at the upper left of the screen you would of seen a new icon.

I’m aware of when that happens as I saw an icon there before when I logged in but this time I was on for around 10 minutes before it popped up basically saying it just happened