How did i just notice this now!!?!

So I was playing on my PC, going through my troops in my castle guard, looking at the beautiful portraits.


Suddenly I realized something quite odd. Was comparing differences between a froster and pyro that were arranged side by side.


It all started by starring into those beady eyes, when I saw they used the same color as the face for what appear to be GLOVES? on the pyro…


now if the pyro is a fire caster and infused with the power of fire (weakness to cold). wouldn’t his hands get all hot and sweaty??


where as they show the froster not wearing any gloves. I mean if I was wielding an ice enchanted staff id probably want to wear some gloves!!!



Maybe because the fire staff is burning hot, and the froster is used to the cold

ya but those gloves are no thicker than magic mittens :stuck_out_tongue:


good luck getting any insulation out of those hahahha

I guess the pyromancer is used to heat and fire, he wouldn’t sweat any more, as “hot” is his default temperature… however, being very sensible against coldness, he wears gloves to ensure his hands never get cold. So, similar to why any other person would wear gloves: Protection against cold… :grinning:


The froster in contrast is used to cold, thus doesn’t need gloves for keeping himself warm. He loves cold ice :slight_smile:

damn man I cudnt do that! hate when my hands get cold :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually got frost bite in my finger tips a few years back so when my hands get cold they go pure white and I cant feel anything!!! :slightly_frowning_face:



EDIT: btw heroes I tried to PM u but your inbox is full! :open_mouth:

This comment is off-topic I think, sorry Florian…


Once I was sleeping and I couldn’t feel or control my arm, I was so worried and scared so I told my mom I wanted to go to the hospital, but as soon as I tell my mom I can feel my arm again, so weird. I’m not sure if it was pins and needles or just bad luck or something, but yeah it was really weird.

u were probably sleeping on it and cut off the blood circulation. it was suffering from oxygen deprivation. once u woke up new red blood cells were able to travel throughout your arm and bring the needed oxygen


this used to happen to me laying on my side playing games. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is often handy when wanting to take advantage of rubbing one out with the “stranger” :slight_smile:

“the stranger” haahhahahahaahahahahahahaha

That makes 2 of us :slight_smile:

jus so everyone knows you can witness blue-blooded LIVE 24/7 in our alliance chat :wink:



Có ai ngÆ°á»i Việt k nhỉ



there are lots of Vietnamese players in this game.


however I don’t believe any in this current thread lol


btw its much easier to get a response on this forum if you communicate in english

i gust finished reading all this and it went from one thing to the next really quick

I just started but man I love this game!!