How did your second ninja event go ?

How did your event go. Did you have any crashes ? How about the levels difficulty ? Go ahead, spill the beans here.

No crash no lag no DC and a perfect score


On my part, I got crashes everytime I used my windows phone. Fortunatly, they happened right after the CoF whil loading the map. It registered the win and coins each time. 

Thanks to the lowered cooldowns, I was able to complete the event 15h before the end. But I still think the cooldown are pointless for the player as it is only a source of revenue for Flare. It is clearly not there to prevent some sort of abuse.

The difficulty was way higher than the last event. I even die once (forgot to put my war gear back). The towers at the gates were numerous. Having Firestorm range and damage forged and war experience really helped there. 

I really hope that the crashes stops for the future events. 

Oh, and a big shout out to @Vester and other alliance member with whom I shared infos about the island. It helped a lot.

I got 77 uber pearls in the chest from 30th island. That bullsh*t has to be corrected,
i even got more than 90 pearls from the 3rd chest in CoF on said island (ship).

The 28th island with the double boosted cannons was way too hard compared to the
other ones in 4000+ tier. The gate towers were okish (some less maybe), except they
shouldn’t be hidden behind trees!

Other than that i’m fine with the event, had no crashes (as usual on Bluestacks).

too many gate towers


gate towers ruined the event.  I felt that on certain levels the gate HP was even reduced to induce more 99%.  All in all, I felt it was a cheap money grab this time with almost no point in play if you didn’t get perfect the whole way through. 

This is not an event for the players, it’s another money generator for flare.  It could have been fun and rewarding, instead I feel swindled.  Another of many lottery systems, 1 very minor mistake shouldn’t cost 8500+ pearls and 16 uber chests.

Great job ruining another event with greed.

I am waiting for 28 island to open up.   Thank God for the lower cooling times.  

No crashes on Android though I know that windows users are frustrated

Good that Uber chests are spread out

Easy so far though 27 got tough.  I missed a damn tower at a lower level since my troops killed the gate way faster.  Need to use scream better to divert them out

The awards for just a bit less then perfect score is too low compared to first prize.   But love the chance to win 3 Uber chests and some decent pearls.

For me it was actually my first ninja event, unless you count the two raids I could make during the first event.

I have mixed feelings, there a pro and cons, let’s start with the cons


  • A lot of players including me experienced crashes before Chamber of Fortune, in fact the first crash appeared at first island. I had 9 crashes in total. after first crash I didn’t stand a chance to win.
  • A lot of Lighting Bolts or Firebolts on both sides of the castle. Sure… they are destroyable with a little bit timing. Out of 30, I missed 2 firebolts on islands, while I had more than enough time left. My fault, so it doesn’t have to change for me.
  • Time consuming due to cooldown time. I started playing ninja event at 5 PM, directly when it started. Played till 10:30PM and next morning I started playing around 6 am till 10 PM. Even on sunday same scenario. Still I didn’t reach level 30. I gemmed to skip a part of the last cooldown periods, since I wanted to make it till the end. On Monday it’s working day, so not a lot of time left to play then. In other words, for normal players time consuming and we need to play all weekend.
  • Mentioned it already, but no chance to get first due to crashes.
  • Coins in chests count also for determining position on the leaderboard. That has nothing to do with skill.
  • Max 30 raids, when you fail to score 100%, you don’t have an alternative but must go on to next island. If you fail completely on an island or do an island multiple times, you can’t fight last island(s). I think a lot of players even weren’t aware of this, otherwise they would not have fought same island multiple times or used scrolls to beat the gate in time.


  • I liked the islands, it’s indeed a lot of fun to raid the islands, even without big rewards I would play them.
  • In fact it was that much fun, that I hardly could wait to fight next island and was curious what was awaiting me there.
  • Gold rewards are more than fine. With these kind of rewards, a lot of players left tons of gold unprotected. So no problem finding descent loot if required.
  • Medals were more than fine, I won even the gold league by beating some island levels alone.
  • Despite the fact that I wasn’t interested in the leaderboard after the first crash, I kept checking my position
    • It was astonishing that after being around island 20 (missed one tower at that moment, rest 100%) that I was only around position 60 at the leaderboard. So a lot of players in the same league were doing their best and had fun.
    • After level 20, I discovered that some players on the leaderboard either got into trouble or didn’t spend time any longer to beat islands/ships. It became harder indeed, it was welcome after the very easy to beat levels. It was still doable for most.
    • After level 25, I saw that a lot of players stopped making more coins, so my position on the leaderboard rose.
    • Out of the last three levels, two gave me the feeling that it became hard, still I only failed on level 30 (bad mistake by myself, lost too much time hanging around a tower just before the gate, came a few seconds short due to this).

For me the huge prices are not required for ending high on a leaderboard. If there was an alternative scenario without the cooldown times plus leaderboard, I definitely would play this alternative scenario. It’s less time consuming and I could still enjoy playing (all) levels. I could do some time management and arrange a part of the day for my family while playing only for a couple of hours max. If you want to make leaderboard more fair, give penalty points for using a scroll plus give additional coins for time left.

I would exclude coins in chests for rank on the leaderboard, give them a different value. For example collect those for buying chests, the more you have the better chest rewards you get. Chests would be rewarded according to coins won during the event. This would also stimulate players to get those coins in chamber of fortune. For example:

  • 30 coins --> 5 uber chests
  • 25-29 coins --> 3 uber chests
  • 20-24 --> 2 uber chests
  • 15-19 --> 1 uber chest
  • 10-14 --> 1 legendary chest
  • 1-9 --> 1 purple chest

this would also stimulate players to use gems to get those coins. When I for example have one more island, beat it and go to CoF, have 24 coins and fail, I definitely would pay gems for getting that coin.

You created a beautiful scenario by adding this, I really enjoyed playing those levels, thanks for that. The crashes should be resolved, or the coins in chest should only count for an additional price.

Thanks for the feedback.

Dena your detailed feedback is really amazing.

I’ll forward all this. :grinning:

Thank you, you are welcome. I sometimes type too much :lol:

Like I said, it was a very welcome surprise and offered what a game should do, provide fun.

Why penalty for scrolls ? I think scroller deserve to win too.They spend to win, not to get penalty.But I am also very confident FG wont implement such thing.Also, why need more tries ? 30 for 30 is good.You fail then you fail.Try again next time.Obviously I didnt fail but wouldnt have complaint if I failed either.Rather have 6 tower at gate than a harder base overall.

Why exclude CoF ? Aside from the crash (they fixing it), theres no issue with CoF.You pay or you lose.The rewards are worth paying too.

Its the 2nd event.Everyone should be aware of how the event works by the 3rd time so no worries.If some still dont understand, then thats their own fault.

2nd ninja event and to me it was worst tan first one :wink: Not happy about my performance at all, lols.


Anyway, my thoughts on 2nd event:

I really like the fact of getting uber chests at 10th, 20th and 30th islands instead of last 3. A good change in my opinion.

At that would be the end of positive changes :wink:

Instead of ninja event I would call it “towers at the gate event”. I’m pretty sure the big amount of towers at the gate (compared to the last event) was made especially to fix the issue of so many players getting a perfect score, what would fix the issue of unfair reward distribution. I really think  it was supposed to be a lazy, temporary fix by Flare. In fact, I don’t think it fixed anything at all. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place don’t exist in most cases at all, maybe in the lowest tier, MAYBE.

Last time in my tier there were 10 perfect scores, now when event is still on for 9 more hours, we do have 11 perfect scores and many, many, many with 1 or 2 towers missed. So again, there only exists 1st place and places below 10 or 15. Stupid.


Till 29th islands I missed 2 towers which was 205 coins in total - such score in best scenario would put me at 21st position (probably lower when event would finish), sadly I lost a raid on last island, still cannot stop laughing, a shame raid by me.


Anyway, I really would like to congratulate all who managed to get a perfect score. It was way harder than last time so congrats to all of you, you definately deserve a top reward. At the same time, feel really bad for all of those who during that crazy “towers at the gate” event missed one or two and get nothing good in return.


Scrolls not giving a penalty I can live with, no problems with that, players spend gems and should get better results due to that (or at least same as players that won’t need to scroll). Time left could be a decider and would be nice if we got additional coins for it.  Sure, some will ‘abuse’ hitting time warp multiple times every raid plus poison time warp to reach incredible time left, but hey, if they spend gems, they deserve to win, based on this. You are right that flare won’t implement it, so no need to spend more energy on this.

More tries won’t be required, on precondition that crashes are non existent any longer. So 30 attempts is fine with me, I also made it to island 30, that I failed there was only my own stupid mistake, misjudging time left that was required to take down the gate. Usually my cannons tear the gate down within a few seconds, but this time I didn’t have them. That players crash in the middle of a raid however, costing them a raid is sad, I don’t have exact numbers how many players suffer from this. I also realize that flare can’t hold reckon with every not normal situation. Like I said, it could be abused by killing the game when you see you won’t make the raid.

Reason to exclude CoF is because they can’t guarantee right now that players don’t crash after winning a raid. It’s not players their fault that the game crashed. Rewarding the coins automatically after a crash also won’t do, because then players will abuse this and kill the game when reaching CoF. When a lot of players suffer crashes, it’s no more than logical to exclude those coins. In fact we have similar crashes before CoF already for more than 6 months, so how long we still need to wait for this to be fixed? the developers don’t have a single clue what causes the crash and that’s required to fix it.

Remember the bug with frenzies that didn’t get killed, because spells misfired? It took a long time, before figuring out what caused it, that’s the reason also why I want those coins to be excluded. I think your response would be different when you crashed at last island, resulting in no perfect score and as a result on that a very low reward compared with the reward you get now.

To make things clear, I had 9 crashes, but still are satisfied with whatever reward I get, I played the islands for fun, not with intention to get an extra reward. I won’t deny that the extra reward is fantastic and those pearls and uber chests will help a lot to become even stronger. I congratulate all players that reached high places on the leaderboard.

Fact is that these crashes influence the outcome completely and since most crashes are before CoF, either remove those coins or exclude them as extra scores for the leaderboard.

Fii, you were fortunate to suffer no crashes at all and won everything 100%, including all coins in CoF. That’s great and congratulations by this achievement in the hardest league. My compliments, you definitely deserve first price.

I know it was the 2nd event, first one I was on vacation, so for me it was the first event that I participated in.

Well I am talking about CoF with a very big hope that they will fix the crash.I would’ve rage if I need to spent gems for CoF in all 30 CoF but I spent 15 gems! Thats one time wrong chest.So for me, fix the crash and its all good cuz the chance are very high to get it right without gems.

I didn’t crash, true but for me the crashes is a bit tricky.Theres so many devices and FG probably need to optimise the game for each of the devices which is time consuming.

Windows are problematic platform too, so many devs didnt release game on Windows cuz of this.I havent heard as much crash on Android so far like last season.

For me, theres only two real problem.Crashes and reward system.Fix this, the event is good and ready to get further improvement like maybe added island levels or added objectives/goals.

The issue with cooldown is not very big a problem imo.Still a problem ofc, but I dont have a solution for that.

From in a race to be near the top, just crashed out. Guess gaining trophies before the event was a big blunder. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for this topic! I had no issues and also no dc’s. But I started playing the next day cause of busy day in the office when the event started. Last 8 islands in tier 4000-4499 were tough. Too many dracomancer me flew over my troops ?? So no perfect score for me. Too bad I always had to use my insta canons when I was in front of the portal. Otherwise I could’ve missed a tower. 

I look forward for coming war season! More fun and more interesting IMO. 

Missed one tower in an early base (Mermaid Hideout), which is really odd because I cleared the gate and had cannons and archers with me at the gate so they would have taken out anything behind me.  I missed nothing else in 30 raids.

As a result I got 54% of the available pearls, 0% of the available Uber chests (got other chests, but no uber), and 60% of the available ninjas.

Seems like what is as close as you can get to a perfect run as possible should have better rewards. 

I think I’ll play just to play the next time and accept what I get while giving up on trying to be perfect.  It’s not worth the stress or the gems.

You probably missed a corner LT/FB.Most units tend to ignore corner LT/FB.

Each time I started the island, I looked at the gate design to spot those towers. Glad I did it.