How do Burning/Poison Effect works?

I did some experiments on Burning and Poison Effect on my blog and I was hoping to share with you guys the results!  :slight_smile:

Nice blogpost! Didn’t know that a pyroancer slowed poisondamage down and that it didn’t stack… I’d like to give your post a like, but I reached my limit fir the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that really doesn’t make sense 


Also, what about freeze effect? would it lower the fire damage you receive? 


Indeed there’s a lot of information that we’re not exposed to  :slightly_frowning_face:

nice experiment  :slight_smile:

Yeah, cool post. 


Also, I just noticed that Cannons can not be poisoned. I might be wrong on that though.


Pretty cool!

Thx NeverAngelic, interesting information indeed! :slight_smile:


Btw I think your English is all fine :slight_smile:



For future experiments/tests, you could try a test on weaknesses and resistances of troops or towers. There are some weird results there as well… for blunt resistance, I already did some tests there:

What’s the relationship between Snake Tower and Firebolt, though? o.O

Hmm you just gave me ideas to look into! Im very very busy during thursdays and fridays so I might take awhile. :slight_smile:

I kinda want to do these experiments myself now :wink:

Lv.4 Snake Tower and Lv.4 Forebolt.

Lv.4 Snake Tower: 2:16 remaining.

Lv.4 Firebolt: 1:35 remaining

Both together: 2:20 remaining.


  1. Snake Tower and Firebolt Tower do not interfere with each other. Not much, anyway.

  2. Firebolt is highly overrated for anything besides preventing regeneration, and for killing cannons. But for damaging the hero? Terrible.

And no, I don’t have fire resistance. I have full ice resistance armor.

///Phase 2\\

Lv.3 Booster Mummies, Firebolts, and Snake Towers.

1 Mummy: 2:20 remaining

2 Mummies: 2:30 remaining

1 Mummy + Lv.4 Snake Tower: 2:24 remaining

1 Mummy + Lv.4 Firebolt: 2:18 remaining


  1. Mummies do not seem to contradict each other.

  2. Mummies and Snake Towers do not seem to contradict each other.

  3. Mummies and Firebolt towers may contradict each other slightly. However, this is likely the result of a human error I made (had to wait at the Firebolt rather than charging the mummy).

  4. Surprisingly, mummies do not seem to cause DoT onto the hero.

///Phase 3\\


Lv.4 Firebolt + Lv.4 Firebolt: 2:02 remaining


  1. Firebolts do not seem to contradict each other. Not even the DoT.

  2. The hero seems immune to all DoT besides Snake Tower ô_ō

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Interesting observations! :slight_smile:

And that’s an awesome smiley with eyebrows!! :slight_smile:


the ô looks sceptical, very subtle and clever! :slight_smile:

Fixed… My god I’m horrible with technical stuff like html, coding and etc… :slightly_frowning_face:

Amazing blog, I like your work! :slight_smile: