How do Frost Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Snake Tower work?

I just pulled an all nighter making this! So tired, anyways, it’s a detail experiment dealing with these towers (Frost Tower, Gargoyle Tower and Snake Tower) and how they interact with each other and themselves. Enjoy!  :wink:

um… I can’t look at the blog because 5 seconds after I look at it it transfers me to an advertisement website.


But nice topic, hope to find out more.

These are amazing! Definitely the most helpful threads in this forum.

Wow! That info is very surprising! Thx a lot, NeverAngelic!! :slight_smile:


The info on mortars/pyros is also interesting! :slight_smile:

I have a feeling I was too tired last night and I posted this post under the wrong category, troops and spells. This should be in Tower and Basebuilding? Or does this kind of information falls into guides section? Which the forum doesn’t have. :confused: How do I move it?

Fixed ! Come back and follow me 



I think the website has quite a lot and some rather nasty advertisements on it, but what might help is either using a popup blocker, or just closing and reopening the website in a new tab a few times, until it works. :grinning:



Whoops, right, I totally missed that lol! :wink: