How do i buy gem that no need visa card?

I do not have visa card, so how do i buy gems?

Can i buy gems by phone card?

You can buy them by prepaid/gift cards

you can use Microsoft Xbox card if ur playing on windows

Itunes card for IOS user

And Google play cards if u are a Android user.

I have windiws phone,what card i can use to buy gems?

Im windows phone user. I use my mobile phone account to buy gems.

How so? I can not buy gem help me

I use windows phone8.1

this problem is windows phone user has a mobile phone account to buy gems packages, but sign in the account you must fill in bill address that address must be in US region.

we are in Asia region, we have visa card,PayPal…but we don’t have bill address of US.

someone help us how to buy gems in Asia region.

thank you so much!!

Don’t know if your mobile company support payments… Example, I am in Italy, and I can buy everything with Vodafone(mi mobile company, credit phone)

Depends on your settings as well…in you phone, if I switch language or country in mi phone settings, can’t buy anymore