How do i cross last vein of gold?

Hello everyone , I am having trouble with last vein gold , even if I scroll a lot , I amnt able to cross it… I use - Blizzard , Sb , shield

Troops- tried with ogre , werewolf , knight and another combo of werewolf, knight , archer ( all boosted) but my archers and knights die very fast , even when spawned using the portal scroll.

Videos aren’t helping either , please help . Explaining the precious moments of the base step by step

And my ogres, aren’t good in destroying monsters

I’m struggling with this one too. Any hints?

I’m of no help but I struggled with gargoyle level 3! The path was around 33 tiles and the healing paladins were crazy. One blizzard and bladestorm at the same time didn’t even kill them it got manic. Ended up winning but only with boosts spamming knights and archers. I’m assuming they get harder so no looking forward to it. Would help immensely if they told us what level the towers or troops are. One level a mummy was easy then the next one very shortly after he was a beast!

I just completed the level 3 gargoyle dungeon today!

It was hard yes, But I used boosted knights level 6 Boosted archers level 6 and frosters level 5.

Spells blizzard level 3 stun level 5 fire level 5, And 1 apocalypse at the gate level 7

I made it through just fine, I can do dungeon videos if anyone is having trouble!

So if it was fine why use a scroll? Accidently swiped?

try using instagoyles to annihialete enemy troops? dunno will that work, im not in last dungeon yet, but i think “instant hammerstike units” could work…

I ran out of time so I ran ahead and used the scroll with only 3 seconds left.

Units where not there yet.

It will be great if one expereinced person can teach us

I have to drop trophies I am so good level 56 and was at 2,300 trophies

I could teach you .

I am level 79

I finish vein of gold XXII when i was level 79

i use

Max canon (boosted)

Archer (boosted)

Mummy (boosted and boosted knight)

Hammer strike


Swordrain (max)

Perhaps this is the problem. I don’t have the maxed troops you mentioned

Max at that level1?

Yup because i prioritize upgrading troops and spell i always use. And with the help of gold shield of course

Anyways thanks guys… I not only completed the last vein of gold but also the whole dungeon . Special thanks to opelle