How do I find info on the version I currently have installed?

The recent upgrade to v5.4 recently became available and I use the Windows AP to play.

Without upgrading to v5.4 I’m seeing the upgrades in the daily rewards, shop, blacksmith, and everything (as far as I know). But I went to the Microsoft store to upgrade it anyway. But it seems like I have to uninstall & reinstall in order to upgrade.

So before going through that trouble and taking the chance of starting all over if I do something wrong, I went to check to see what version I have now. If it updated automatically and I already have v5.4, then why bother going through all the trouble?

But I can’t find the version number that I have now anywhere. Can someone tell me how to find it?

when the game starts you can see it on the connection screen

-> in the left upper edge atm 5.3.1

greetings Jesper

v.5.3.1 on the upper right hand side shows version number

In the Settings screen also

5.3.0 and 5.3.1 is the last versions for different platforms

Cool, I haven’t updated through the Microsoft store, but the ap says it’s v5.3.0, so I guess I’m fine :slight_smile: