How do I fix my account?

I’m not a scroll user, out of principle.  I fight players that are challenging; sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.  It used to be that the matchmaker was pretty good about finding appropriate fights for me in the first ~10 or so searches.


Then war seasons came.  Lots of pressure from the alliance to win, because everyone was excited about the new boosts.  So I ended up scrolling several bases that I normally wouldn’t have even attempted, to earn skulls and help out the alliance (and shooting way up in the leaderboard as a result).  That’s when your algorithms smelled blood, and went in for the kill.


Now the game is convinced that 1) I’m capable of beating super high level bases all the time, and 2) I’m willing to spare no cost in gems to scroll my way through those bases.  So all the matchmaker ever offers now are bases in the 600-800 trophy range that I *might* be able to beat if I use 5-6 scrolls.  And it has calibrated the ~200K gold reward to bases of that difficulty.


If I don’t use the matchmaker, or if I drop my trophies down, I can find fights approprate to my king’s strength.  But 1) the gold rewards are rarely over 100K, and 2) it pretty much guarantees I’ll never find fights with people who recently went offline and have a larger amount of gold available to steal. So my choices are now either piss away 100 gems per battle “beating” bases I have no business fighting, or raid bases that are at my level and as a result make so little gold that I lose it to raiders faster than I can earn it – essentially making no progress upgrading my towers/spells.


I’ve tried trophy dumping, sitting at low trophy levels for a couple weeks now, “losing” to bases at my skill level at various percentages… all sorts of things to try and get the game to recalibrate me back down to a level where I can play at my actual skill level.  No luck.  The game seems to basically be telling me that either I pay $1 per battle or quit.


How do I fix this?  The game isn’t fun anymore, it’s just frustrating.