I want to unlock the pal Aska, is there any way to unlock him or even to buy him?  Im lvl 102 and ive never seen him in the rewards for all your efforts part, seen Nidhogg twice, once of recent but never seen Aska, do i have to unlock Nidhogg to get to Aska in rewards?? I know the dark pals are rare, but is there any way to obtain him without waiting for flare to offer me a reward for all my hard earned efforts that i have to pay for? ?? although i dont mind spending the money for Aska i just find that funny, that they say that, its like well done! now buy this!?


Sorry, I haven’t been lucky with this either. There’s nowhere you can buy this pal, you just have to get lucky in a Pal Chest, sorry 

I do not have nidhog, and I have aska - once she flew from an ordinary pal chest.


There are new one time offers which contains gems, treats and Aska. You should get it today or in a few day

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How log ago did you get that offer?

This morning. Others got it yesterday

There are multiple offers. I have seen this one, another one with 3 or 5 askas



Yesterday I asked Putin to ask for Aska-Collector … ?

There are at least two more with 1500 and 3000 gems. For 17€ and 44€. Which one you get is up to them

for my wife lvl 104 aska offer for 3.3$

for me lvl 130 its 8.75$


I guess it’s one or the other for everyone ey

Got both offers long time ago

From today. Ridiculous if you consider it is probably meant for people who already have her.

you’re buying a a triple A…offer package ?

Picky FG, seem most players don’t get aska offer, and some get different offer than this one.

I got both. Few days I got one with Nidhoog (sorry I don’t know how to write it) and few days ago one with Aska

Wait, what?

But they are not a Triple A Studio! ???