How do i get back lost gear from dungeon? (Admin needed)

Basically I was playing the game for a bit, decided to do a dungeon level to get some gear and straight after I done it-it stayed at the screen where the chest is that you won, it just kept shaking and not opening, then I got kicked out of the app. How do I get the gear that I didn’t receive but earned?

Good luck with that

That doesn’t sound good

You should ask the lost gear to ur internet provider. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I couldnt help it, I like jokes. Goodluck, man. Aether will help u (wish so).

I had this happen to me once. It turned up in my inventory anyway. Can’t remember if I had to win another dungeon before that happened though.

Hey Fresh,


You should contact the support about it, they are the only ones able to help you :grinning:

They unfortunately cannot give you your gear back, but can provide you with a compensation.

Definitely wasn’t in the inventory after but didn’t do another dungeon level after. It was happy to take my food though



You just have to send a ticket here:

Here, Fresh:

There’s a contact form for all things.

Brilliant, thanks



Don’t worry, the support can have a deeper look :grinning:

Now sent, thanks guys

I mean using black magic of course :slight_smile:

I hope not!

Flare gave me 500 gems!!! That was quick

Seriously? :open_mouth:


U usually get the item after some time , happened with me a lot of times

Think of all those lots of 500 gems you would have got!

Doing a dungeon (Please glitch) (please glitch)

I could use the gems;)