How do I get the cheats other teams using in conquest

Playing conquest and one of the teams can move across the map in a few seconds

then attack me 3 times, then move to the next battle  across the map and win the battles

all this in less then 1 hour , how do I get the cheats to do this

It’s not cheating. Technology development and a reasonable distribution of towers

If you can’t help do not reply. People are quitting and have just stop playing and one cares


In my opinion, he helped you.
You don’t need to accuse anyone anymore, and it takes your frustration out of you.
So you don’t have to silence him.
Good luck in conquest

Well, you could at least give us the player name, what alliance they are from, what tile number they are on , some screenshot maybe . The way you make the topic just look like you are raging one someone won the match, really not much help.

We’re the severe underdog in our conquest and have a team that is out for our blood.  Every time we build a tower, they have 5 guys 500 or more trophies higher than our biggest player attack the tower and move on to the next one too.  Every now and then, one will break free on their own and one of our guys will fight them.  IF we win, they get sent back to their stronghold and *blip* they’re right back there fighting again.  Kinda like a pesky fly that won’t go away…  It makes sense what was said above about tower placement and technology.  If they use the tech tree to their advantage and activated Hero Energy or Movement Cost or something like that, it will lessen the energy needed for them to move.  If they have towers placed in a direct line so they make a “superhighway”, it will give them a big advantage too.  A level 1 tower cuts the energy costs in half for a claimed tile.  A level 2 I believe cuts it even more.  We have tiles that only cost 9 energy to move across, and if we have full energy, it takes no time to move across the board. Not that we get far…

Anyway, check the level of the team compared to yours, too.  The team that’s got our number is ranked about 200 higher than we are.  We are one of the lowest ranked teams in the tier.  We knew going in it was going to be a challenge.  No cheats.  Sorry your team is getting pummeled too.  Only consolation is next conquest, we’ll both likely drop back down a tier to a more appropriate one where we play teams more on our level.  We dominated last one.  This is our reward… LOL

Good luck to you and your team.


Hi rootrunner,

In case there are cheats in the Conquest please understand that we would not allow that these would be shared on the official game forum. Users that share cheats or exploits on the forum with other users can be banned from the forums instantly.

  • If you want to report cheating behavior, please do so here:
    • It is a section that only the devs can read. Users can only see their own post.
  • You can also use this section or a direct message to me if you want to share a known exploit with the development team so that we can fix it.

As for your problem, I think the other forum users already helped you :slight_smile:

I will look this thread now.