How do I like to use my Heroes?

Hey Olympians,

How do you like to use your Heroes?

Zeus and Hades are excluded in the answers. Let me know if you disagree (for some questions).

All the questions are multiple choice.

thx @Tomaxo but maybe you should repeat this poll a while after the last server update when some things got changed (prom, helen got a buff, also some powers and abilities…). just to compare.

for now the % reveal what we though since over a year 

Prometheus : Just good to get resources on island. So weak

Ajax : totally useless and just good for resources island

All no shielded : Just good for the odyssey maybe I am not a big fan of them like Odysseus,Cadmus and others where the resistance is very too low and you have close no choice to give them like 75% HP regen or over 10k Life on hit to allow them to survive

All shielded : No problem bring them everywhere and they do the job specifically Achilles and Helen of Troy. I use them first until they reach level 20. Best to farm base or really hard base


Zeus and Hades are still the worst. 

Of course they are,for you…at least you have bugged equipment even for Prometheus but not for them… ??

Yup, I’m awesome. 

Yeah,of course. I was wrong. Privileged Titan players like you shouldn’t be allowed to play with such oridinary Heroes like rest of the pobre players.

I’m already brainstorming a poll for powers and abilities, but it’s not completed yet.

Some good Prom builds:

I’ve encountered many really tough Ajax GKs.

So you want to include Zeus and Hades in some answers?

Nah, not needed. 

Tbh they are not the worse. Ajax is worse still. But then comes them two … and I don’t have any over forged equipment.

On the daily attacks on my islands, basically the ones that come with either zeus and hades lose or have to drop gems, even quite many sometime…

Zeus and Hades are the worst because you can’t even try to use different equipment set ups to try and gear yourself differently for different challenges. And the “gear” they have is badly chosen.

Ajax is bad, though. He just does ***** things, like turns around constantly for no reason when you’re trying to attack something. He’s very frustrating.


:heart:?Helen of Troy?:heart:…?

Sorry @dumpster, I couldn’t resist…

She made the nice list, not the naughty list.

Are you sure, I sometimes use them to kill the gks of top 10 players and I must say I am impressed by thier performance.

They are really good after the last changes made to thier stats.

Well before the last changes they had become totally unusable at high levels imho … any hero was much stronger than them. They were surely buffed to the point that if you are good in playing 'em you can use them. But I believe the people that do are often too overconfident in the 2 big gods being destruction immortal machines - and they are not. If you just fill random troops and powers and push autoplay, they are doomed to die vs any good defense. Just remember the few videos made public in the brothers challenge - there were quite some 0% in killing both with same defense and many that did it.

So I think that medium-low levels they are great. High level vs top defences they are not good - and in general who uses them often is too overconfident.

Yep, depends upon player how they use them but I am happy with thier performance and they help in 100% victory against tough opponents (especially Hades) when my best heroes are in war ???

I haven’t used them for a couple of weeks or more, but don’t see a big problem with Hades or Zeus. I don’t understand how people need to use gems with these guys, but see if often also. Just knowing how to correctly use Hades power is the thing with him, and just keeping Zeus moving forward is always enough to get the 95%. 

I hate getting Artemis for oddessy, still directional powers for me an issue, similar to how Ajax can turn to face troops at the critical moment, I find this often with Artemis, and wasting a Hail storm at the wrong moment is  ‘game over’.

I use Prom often, but still top lvl bases (after update)  of titan league are a problem if I don’t want to spend ambrosia on resurrect.

The rest are playable.

Thanks for opening this thread Tomaxo :slight_smile:

All non shielded heroes feel weak against nycs based Defenses ? while shield bearers are doing great against such defenses.

Even ariadne? I think she’s one of the strongest against those bases, right?