How do I recover my login info for RR2?

The email address and password I used to create my game account?

Hi, please contact support. Thank you.

I never got a favorable reply from them. I am using my third account now. The other two were not recovered by Flare. I don’t know, are they helpful or not? They are just for name sake, and not doing anything.

Are you implying you have several game accounts? Then you have your answer why support would not help you. It is not allowed to have more than one game account.

Or he just created the 3rd one because he couldn’t access the first two? Before being snarky about it you might actually try and be helpful first and find out what really happened. 

You didn’t got my point. I started playing the game in 2014. I reached level 115. Unfortunately, I lost my account due to technical errors. I asked Flaregames to recover it but I didn’t get a favourable response. So, I left for it. Created another one. I reached level 79 there. Again the same problem. So, I decided that this time I will not make an account on Phone and I made on Pc. Now, I have account linked on both pc and phone. So, currently I have only one account and the other two were lost. I asked support to recover them but they are useless. They are sitting there just for namesake. 

Thanks for your comment. I think Madlen is irresponsible in this matter. In all other, she is perfect. She have not even seen what has happened but no, she is just trying to hide support staff at their mistake.

Okay, that’s good to know. Thanks for clarifying. This thread will be locked now, because the original posters question was answered though.