how do I show the attack history?

I only see the history when I log in and have been attacked since the last login. I can’t seem to find where to pull it back up and swear I have clicked on everything.

It should be called history in the list of things that’s over the quest lists(horribly explained but don’t know how to do it any better)

lol there is a little button to the bottom right of your screen. looks like a blue guy and a red guy talking. click that and then find the history tab

you can also see things like the leaderboards, your favourites list and alliance chat from this menu



But the place mentioned only shows the attacks on your kingdom.

I’d like to see who I have attacked before, that is shown nowhere??

Maybe because that’s not in the game royal dutchies, but you can use the favorites system, very useful

You can not see a history of your own attacks ingame at this point. This might or might not be added in the future.

Remembering worthy “victims” by putting them on your favorite list, as Atlas already pointed out, works well, yes.


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