How do I stop a bully ?

I have been playing this game for years now. Been leader of 3 diff. alliances, 2 are extinct now. I’ m lower level king, 2000-2200 trophies level 73. For some unknown reason I have become the target of a bully. Now he attacked me 7 times. It was not for gold 6k a crack. Not for revenge, I had never fought with him before. Now I know the game, I attacked him got 2 crowns once out of 3 tries. Okay the point has been proven, what is the problem, 7 more attacks, what the H#ll ! Move on your bigger and based, but it is just an annoyance. More trophies better troops. Anyone want to inflict karma he is william eric1 . I like to keep the game fun.

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leader of 3 alliances?

funny complaint :lol:

I think he is trying to hit a trophy milestone or win a league earning medals from you. It should be temporary but if it lasts more than three days try adding him as a friend. It usually sends a signal even if he doesn’t add you back. If you want revenge looks like you have three alliances full of members to target him :grinning:

Its part of the game,  just build your defence and he will stop… 

I had same with abc852,  but now im high lvl king and he left behinde so ones a mounth i used to visit him for fun:) 


just upgrade your defenses :stuck_out_tongue:

or he will start to scroll in your base even better! =D

There are 2 goals for him.He collects medals from you or throphies.Every time he beats you he gain less and less from you so eventually he will stop.

I already help u to beat him 3times,hope he switch target,lol


You can also see it from the bright side. He actually tests your base. When he beats it, he gives a signal that your defense needs improvement.

Of course there is nothing you can do when a player is way higher than your hero level. But improving your defense is never bad. A little change in base design can already make harassers surprise, some change of troops in waves, some better placement of towers and so on. My team tests members bases and gives advice what to improve.

One of the things you can do is see which troops and spells he uses. Start with asking yourself which troop combo you can use to take those troops out and make sure you have a few chokepoints where your defense troops destroy his troops. Try to make combinations of towers that enhance their strength. If you for example bundle the strength of a skull/firebolt towers with a strong snake tower, you will be surprised how often it actually kills a king. The skull or firebolt take of shield of king while he runs under the green shower and if he is not careful he can say goodbye to a lot of healthpoints at least. That will slow him down.

Harassers are a part of the game. I harass some players by myself, cause they give good loot/medals. It’s not a crime. Some harass me, but I don’t really care.

As Dena4 has mentioned here, a constant harasser is great for testing your base.

James, I have a suggestion.

In Genie & Master alliance we help our members to grow strong. You are invited to join us for a while and improve yourself till this harasser will not be able to raid you anymore.

If someone keep attacking there is a reason for it. I myself was one of those bullies you talk about. If there is a player with good loot and an easy base - I will tell all my friends and we will all attack. This situation is a lot worse than the one you describe. Imagine a whole alliance attacking you competing on who can get the most loot and doing it for days. I have seen many players lost interest in the game because of this. At some point this tactic bothered me much and I even logged call with Flaregame support about this. Their answer was that this is one of the features of the game and I should not feel bad when I bully other players. :slightly_frowning_face:

What you can do is one or more of the following:

  1. 3 day shield

  2. Ask your alliance to attack him

  3. Try to make him friend

  4. Attack him and retreat immediately at 0% - show him he is the king. (Do it a few times - you will hand him some easy trophies)

  5. Open your base and remove all your defences.

Option number 4 in my experience is the most effective. If you do option 5, this problem will never bother you again.  :slight_smile:



Well I friened him and he gave me some advice, probably pity. Thanked him for the advice, and implemented it. But at 3 trophies and 6k in gold, it just does not make sense in the logic of this game. 

Thank you all for your input.

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.

Lucky you. I got flies all over my home. Adding friend won’t work he still able tovattack you if he wants. 

IGN: [ô_ô]

Come visit me guys. 

Well done  Jamestheanoited.

I really really want to hear his advise - please share (even if it sounds like pity).  

Not pity at all he told me to move some towers, to force the hero to follow behind the troops, space out somewhere where it was clumped. Good advice, its working. He not so bad after all, he just thought I needed some schoolin . Been chatting back and forth. He’s checked my progress, in the friend mode.   :slight_smile:

James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.


this topic is up back because i’m william eric1 new target. why me???

i think he hate me because i did something wrong to him i never attacked him.

Someone help me, he’s a pain in the ASS

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I’m actually a very nice person :slight_smile:  and James did attack me when I was a lower level player and I hit him back(yes a lot) when I got to his level. We are friends now and I donate troops to him. Just saw this post, a friend pointed it

I’m going to leave you  alone Darren fearless leader of the Dark Knights :slight_smile:

you do know james is my general from the Dark Knight right


poor darren…some one raided his kingdom…i did not know that was bullying…i will never raid again…i dont want to be a meany

you do not understand what i’m saying