How do I stop a bully ?

my english is good…if you r being raided again and again by same player…you r probably on his fav list…cuz you give good gold or medals…change your basea bit or your waves…give him a few surprises







William22 i will raid you for the next 5 days .  Then Ill give you advice on how to make my raids a little harder. Then ill raid your friends for days … then ill say sorry.


are you going to  enjoy i base ball bat from me  :wink:

That’s softer then the 9 foot steel beam I am going to use



You may be a top ten player. I don’t care if you can take my gates or not. It’s part of the game. I get raided ever day it makes me stronger. I’m not going to post it on this forum. Just going to get stronger then even.

i would really like you taking my gold because i have no use for it sometimes but i’m getting stronger but the second and i will kick your ass with no mercy and for Crabz he is going to get sword in his A$$

build shock points in defence with skull towers and static tower + gragoyel tower

remove all the units

then enjoy… :wink:


Are you a doctor?


who cares?


no one

Dude 5 years is a long way…

Don’t you have anything else in life than raiding

he said 5 days not years