How do mid level kings survive SB, Bladestorm and Heal combo?

I see it on pretty much every attack. Even with choke points that those spells cant always get to (Bladestorm can reach over a bit). Then put that with Airblasters/Uberblasters and whatever else. Does the mid level/slightly above mid level stand a chance or are they destined to just always get beat?

Are you asking how to defend against these spells or how to win?

How to defend. Doesn’t seem to make a difference what I do.

What do you have to defend with in terms of troops and towers?

4 snake towers, 4 firebolts, 2 skulls (another one is building), 2 bomb, 1 arrow, 1 gargoyle.

3 spikes, 2 barricades, 7 blockades

Troops aren’t great and wave morale is 10 on 8 waves


For now at low level I would concentrate on snakes and skulls, arrows are worthless at any level, skulls and bombs when boosted are the best way to stop arbs, Blockades melt under bladestorm out them asap if you can run boosted barricades. I would drop a spike or two and replace with barricades to add to delay and concentrate on getting the one or two you have left maxed before you add more. Your waves are the most important thing, never stop upgrading them, prioritise over towers with moral of ten you are low level, not mid level, that doesn’t even get you an ogre! 


You will stop the successful attacks in time, there isn’t a quick fix I’m afraid don’t forget some of us have been playing this game since day one and have only just got our kingdoms maxed.

Apologies i meant moral 16 on all. My other account has all 10. Thanks for the advice Drum. Thing is when it comes to barricades they take foooorever to upgrade and blockades gets walked through with bladestorm which gives the player a big run in taking out blockades out and in a path I try to avoid putting them 2 close together, one guy i attack (a couple of levels higher) has all his blockades in a L base design but due to how they are placed, one blizzard and one bladestorm takes out all but maybe 2, out of 11! Choke points are any issue when I’m attacking but my choke points make no difference.

I’m looking have my team upgrade their alliance towers so we can run certain boosts alot. Fingers crossed

Hey, you havent max a spikes yet lol that one takes forever and the cost is most painful one too imo.

For me the only way to stop that classic combo is boosted barricade sadly.It slows down king a lot but if you have low waves it wont help either even with max barricade boosted.

I never really defend my base until level 90+ , that was more than a year of playing time.I was all offence for very long.

Kind of just feels like an endless cycle, no matter how much I upgrade there will just be another high player that will attack and beat me lol. All I would get if they fail is trophies (yay