How do satellite alliances work?

How do satellite alliances work? I assume it’s not just having a similar name. And I assume it’s not a matter of “once you’re high enough level, you can jump up a tier!” because then the lower guild wouldn’t have enough manpower to attract people.

Here’s how I assume that satellite alliances work:

All people need boosts, but they don’t need them all the time. People only have/use food for a short time. So I assume that the top guild sends all other members like 50 invites each, keeps 3 spots open, and then, when those members need to raid, they just accept the invite, do the raids, and then return to the lower alliance, ensuring that the top guild’s boosts are utilized more often.

Likewise, top guilds don’t spend all the money they bring in. So I assume that, once the daily quota has been met in the top alliance, some members will go to the lower alliance to make donations to quickly raise the smaller alliance.

In exchange, the smaller alliance provides a safehaven to those who are on break or otherwise not participating, and allows the top alliance to have >60 functional member slots.

I’m assuming satellite alliance means 2 alliances with the same Leadership?

And what the point of this thread for you to ask a question and answer it…? lol


I just noticed the  question/title is 5 words, and the answer is everything else.

I’m asking how satellite alliances work, and then giving my theory. I guess that if that is the answer to the question, then I am correct? o.O

Alright I see now.


For me, we just wanted to start an alliance to have a place for people on vacation to put there accounts and it kind of became a real alliance with a lot of help from our members.

And now members just go there to help build and get away from the higher levels for a few days.

I use my small alliance to welcome new players to the game.


unfortunately due to the competition in alliance wars its hard to have low level kings in a high level alliance



I have a criteria set. In the testing grounds alliance, they have to meet certain requirements before they can move to the higher level alliance. The members do not jump back and forth. They stay put where they are. When all criteria is met, they move up. Eventually I will have three alliances, testing ground on first, mid-range trophies on the next alliance, and a top alliance for the tier 3. This creates devotion and comradery. I cannot give all my secrets away but these are the basics.