How do they decide amount of medal of a opponent?

I don’t know how do they do that. 1 weeks ago I was getting more than 200 medals from opponents of my level or a little higher. But now I am at level 60, and since last week almost every opponent is offering 22 medals! I tried raiding a 66 lvl player but still I got 22 medal. Now it’s impossible to compete in league…


They are no oficial anwser on this from Flare. On my end I think it’s an algorthym using your king level, trophies and your offensive strength vs their king level, trophies and their defensive strength.

If one of your spell/unit levels up, you will notice a decrease on medals from the same opponents. Same thing as you go up in trophy count. You will aslo never get high medals count from an open base.

So, if to attack higher level opponent I decide to upgrade a specific unit or spell (in my case, archer and firestorm), I’ll be treated as strong player?

Whatever, how does that justify attacking a +6 lvl player resulting to win 22 medal only?


because your level of spells and units are so strong the game detect you are overpowering against the player defense. One thing I hate of this If you attack always the same player the medals drop each time. You start at 350,after few attacks,320,few hours later,280,you attack him after 1 day 240,during the days 200,finally at the end of the league still 120 and so on. After the league if you have do some upgrade on a spell and unit the player give 40 medals because you are overpowering against the target and you must find another one and the medal never go up

A high level player could have a really weak defense AND a low trophy counts. And as I said, it’s only a theory based on my observation. There is no official statement on this.


When you attack someone and win, you go up in trophies and he goes down. It’s normal that after a each raid the number of medals goes down too.

Nothing “justifies” giving only minimum medals to mid level kings even for suicidal attacks. But Flare programmed it that way.
You can overcome it, but it may take some months time. Read more about it here. Today (my trophy range: 4000-4200) i see
beatable bases of 400-500 medals, allowing me to easily win platinum leagues. Top players can get 1000+ medals in one
attack, allowing them to win diamond leagues. I could try to attack those 1000ish bases, but wouldn’t come very far :lol:

Your time of “easy” medals seems to be over for now (e.g. i won my diamond league around level 50). Expect a long dry spell,
but don’t give up: You will get more medals again somewhere in the future :grinning:

Its been like this for most of us buddy XD my medals ceiling is 34 medals mostly! I rarely get 200+ medals bases and obv I fav them. Helps in winning leagues (only bronze, silver and gold though). But each time I defeat them their medals get lesser, so sometimes I use to purposely lose against them when I have no reason to raid XD their medals rises again.

I’m at level 95, 4400 trophy range and I have my list of player with 350-500 medals to farm during league. You just have to look at the right place.

Thanks ?.


Ha!Ha! No one is getting 1000+ medals. When I was in early 50 or late 40s I once tried to attack the player with rank 1 in leader board. It offered me 864 medals. Ha!Ha!

Raise your trophy, it will help but you will also get tougher opponent though still beatable.


For each player the medal algorithm is different depend on many things.You see 800+ from rank 1 but the max is 1336 medals for top player including myself.

Obviously you are not a believer :grinning:  Just watch videos on youtube from oPelle raiding some high level players. Then you can believe again :wink:

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