How do u use tapjoy?

I mean the offers r pretty pathetic. They offer 10-25 gems for installing some app. Going by the data rates, it would be cheaper for me to buy gems through gem packages.

Better gem offers r there on some silly nd particularly boring games, which I never seem to win even with multiple tries. Or on some surveys which demand more money nd effort that is much more than the gems r worth!

I don’t believe in that,does it really pays u when u download and play the games?i just get the diamonds through watching the video.some offers few hundred gems,is it can be trusted?i don’t worry about the data quota,just worry bout the time given and in return turnout to be zero.



As far as I know, some offers are only to install an app or a game, but some really requires to pay with real money to get gems.

There are some offers where you can get lot of gems but in most of these you have to do a kind of subscription and then 1 day you see under -50€ because you forgot that they put this subscription in your sim card, not beautiful eheh

Tricky huh



I earned over 60k gems on tapjoy… offers depends on your country and u can do them twice if u got a android and a ios device.

Some offers I just deposit 3-5 euro kr on a gambling site and get 8k gems (if done during 2x gem event)  Cant even buy 500 gems ingame for that price.

Alot of surveys gave me 350-600 gems and i spent like 10-12 minutes  and some just 3-5    they are all different recognize the short ones and they usually reappear later. Again all depending on which country you are in.


And downloading apps why pay data? just do it while on home wifi.

thnx for the details!

I hope they improve their offers. Just two days ago I realized I had food vids available. :slight_smile:

Below is a screenshot of the tapjoy app!

The blue webgame offers are the only ones I never bothered with. So muh pop ups ads and the score you need to achieve to get the offer seems impossible