How do you find a player on the conquest map?

When you play conquest mode, how do you find one of your alliance members on the conquest map?

Did I miss something, or is there really not user interface somewhere, where I can pick a member of my alliance, and get zoomed to the field where she is, or get at least the field number? 

Only way is to ask or go to check all tiles where a player icon is located. I also would love to see an overview with tile number or stronghold (tile 0) is displayed and where you can go to that spot. It saves us an unpleasant search for where members reside. 

How often a member asks me where to go. I base that decision on his current location. It’s handy to send a player to a nearby spot where help is needed, so I almost always am forced to ask his current tile number. Then I must go to search where that tile is and due to current numbering that’s also not always easy to locate. 

I think tile numbers aren’t most user friendly to search for a location. I would rather see chessboard terms for identifying tiles. The map seems to be 37x37 tiles. Letters/symbols for columns (since we have 26 characters use 1-2 letters), digits for rows.

For example column 10 row 2 could be identified by J2 and column 28 row 25 could be called AB25. Set the column identifier above the column on top of screen and row identifier on the left side of the map. This way we pretty fast can locate any spot.

Very true! I understand that part of the conquest event is to communicate with your alliance, but they can’t mean that ever repeating question “Where are you now?” :grinning:  

Or you can just use a spread sheet like notation: r2c10, for row 2 column 10. I think we have enough imagination to handle “rows” that are not strait, but a little bit zigzag. :slight_smile:

Also, with a dedicated notation like “r2c10”, the chat could detect that a tile is meant, highlight it as a link, and when you click on it, it could bring you to the tile. Now that would be nice!


You complicated your life for nothing. Use the feature in the Conquest with the hexagonal position. Its that we use on the chat

by example you can say on the chat : The ennemy approach 446. So everyone go there. In the sticky note you can give order to all your alliance members like Protect the mines in 98

I will give you a exemple with screenshot :

use the feature 123

Here by example we have said to regroup in 527 to attack the ennemy. So we use the hexagonale number. in the sticky note the leader and general give clear order

  • Protect Mine in 98

  • Build a Watchtower in 446

  • Regroup in 526 to attack 527

and so on…

So this way is easy to follow

For tracking a particular alliance members you have only 2 option :

1.Ask him where he is with the number

2.Check one by one each members

That’s a pretty cool idea Dena!

The first time I played this mode I already had a problem with the numbering system…

But guess what? The problem grows as your tier goes up, because the map increases too 

What I had in mind the first time, was something like the naval battle grid system:

But I guess it’s almost the same as chess?


@Madlen my dear ?

I have to admit, I don’t understand anything about Conquest. Then I followed you, especially with all my experienced friends. I read all the messages in detail. Then I learned everything at once. I think it’s great. You’re great, honey.

I knew things would be better in time. :heart::heart::heart: