How do you get 9x% on top 10 base?




It would also be interesting to know your stats and lvl (110?) to approximate when others can do the same :lol:

Good video and skill player without storm cannon and scroll.

Yes Doinno is a good player, in fact, but there are only 9x% and very rarely 100%. I do not want to belittle his skill he has.He can afford to lose conditioned by his low rank, which he often does against the top ten. If he loses 12-16 Trophies which is not much for him. He can get back inside in 1-2 attacks. He has no pressure if he loses because he only plays for Fame, so he say. When I play against a top 20 player and only get 9x% i can lose 16-20 Trophies. To retrieve again I need 10-20 games or 1-2 hours.You see the relation between rank and trophies.What would you do if the situation is like this?Use Scroll to get 100%?orLosing  and try Trophies refill in 1-2 hours?



Doinno´s  King has Level 104.

I think Doinnovation is very good, he doesn’t has any guild boost and didn’t use any scroll. Which is impossible jobs for me for any max out base.

Mischreiber, mastere and hum have huge lead in the league, don’t put too much pressure on your shoulder, relax.

Just fight and go ahead you will be have 9x% base of any base else :slight_smile:

When you attack me, if you have 9x% you just lose 2-3 trophies ^^ not too much 16-20 trophies

I will become back top 1 and check about your opinion. All level 10x kings can get 100% with 1 scrolls. Good luck. :wink:

Continual attacks using both tungsix and doinnovation accounts (scrolling with both), while keeping them at low level does seem a little like stripping to be honest. Still what comes around goes around, sets a precedent if you do get to #1 I guess!

Great job showcasing that it can be done without scrolls!

Not hell anymore :slight_smile:

What about HsMK? he is already reach max lvl of King. He can defeat your base ? @Tin1187, mischreiber1967,doinnovation, etc.

HsMk is inactiv.


Last video of me ^_^

Game so much fun, hope see all people at another game or somewhere ^_^


Best regards.

Where/why are you going Tin?

That was almost perfect for a raid on maxed out base , too bad its your last video Tin  :slightly_frowning_face:

Tin1187 …If you off game, we(Immortal Legend) will miss U very much but top 10 as: MaE, Humd, misch… like this.

pls don’t be HsMk no.2, who’s only honorary member in IM!!!