How do you get a new alliance popular

It’s si how do you make alliances popular and btw its skyrims grand guard

posting here is a great first step!


elite boosts also make alliances popular


everything comes with time however :stuck_out_tongue:

I see your new to the forums so try and make some friends here so if someone new asks for an alliance, a forum member would recommend this alliance

Four things which make any alliance popular:-

1-lot and lot of rejection.


3-your behaviour with already joined members and how you are running your alliance.


So good luck to you:)

5-Drop loads of real $$$ :ph34r:

Sad but true. More $$$ = more member slots, more gold boost, and more active boosts.

Money buy everything so also other people  :ph34r:

well having loyal friends will form a good core , the rest would take hardwork and money of course.More hardwork if you’re not wiling to spend money but yeah since most alliance/player are now settled , new alliance will face problem no matter how much money you invest.

Here’s what I do.

> Go through opponents Matchmaker.

> Do they have lots of gold?

>> If yes, I attack

>> If no, I invite

You only have so many member slots, and alliance invitations really aren’t a hindrance, so it’s ok to just invite everyone you can, but passively. Like, don’t give up a fortune for someone who’s equal to the next guy, you know? You do that, you’ll fill your alliance up with players as strong as yourself.

And most importantly, is Time. You’re not going to get an alliance full of top players, high donators overnight. Just constantly recruit, kick those who who fall behind or who don’t participate, and strengthen yourself to attract stronger people. That’s step 1 to starting an alliance.

maxed alli tower, lots of donations, and friends.

Or you can always try and find an existing & struggling Alliance and take it over.


My old aliance - Fatal Injection - was a top 20-30 group with 38 slots.  Had some communication/donating issues and dissapearing leadership.

Finally people gave up on it.  Anyway, it’s down to 2 active users.


Take something like that over and you can save a crap ton of money & time and have a head start on getting the alliance you want put together.