How do you guys feel the game is going now?

After every conquest ends,I see alliances getting disbanded and then moving to higher level alliances in a pace never seen before.

If this keeps continuing,Rr2 will be left with very few high level alliances and no mid level alliances.

Yes, I have noticed the same. I have seen many long time leaders quit​:frowning::frowning::frowning:

It happens after conquest because players feel they need to devote too much time to playing and it falls on the shoulders of leader and generals.

Also,I feel there are plenty of fights happening between players regarding strategy being used as few players want different things to happen (some wants to fight often and some want to just defend)

If the leader / general doesn’t devote as much time,players feel left out.

Some can’t afford to spend 24*7 slowly quitting the game.

This puts pressure on the remaining members and they seek out lost members by moving out as war requires 45 participation and everything is designed with min 45 participation in this game.

I would suggest to make conquest optional and flare should try to provide more ninja events and give different war boosts in the game leaving aside the regular and same boosts Everytime.

@Warriorking123 At first sight optional conquest seems like a good idea, but, in fact, it is already optional in some sense. If alliance doesn’t want to fight during the conquest nothing is stopping them from not fighting. It’s not like in war, when you lose fiefs, trophies etc. So, what do you mean by “optional”?

conquest needs to be max 5 days

This game’s installed for one purpose: entertainment.
After series recent updates, I feel this game’s losing most of its entertainment part, now it becomes more like tedious office job. ?
Balance’s broken: OP defense , OW offense. Official nerfs + frequent silent nerfs (bugs? whatever term is).
I have to change combo at least once a day, as my ‘noon combo’ will be obsolete at night time. ?
For not-24/7-players, this new FG gaming experience’s so frustrating and irritating, most players choose to play less time than usual, eventually we’ll follow the steps of our friends who has left.

It may seem optional to you because you choose as an individual.If you go from a team perspective,does it seem optional?

I told optional as in how we play leagues.A group of players irrespective of alliance can join a team randomly and try to play conquest.That way,only those who really want conquest or afford to spend 24*7 will choose to play it.

First of all, I meant “optional” from an alliance perspective. If the leader and generals decide not to participate, and the whole team stays in the HQ, they are not forced to participate. They lose nothing; they’re only moved to a lower reward tier. If an individual wants to participate, s/he can move to an alliance that participates in conquest. We have seen something similar in the case of froster’s war season. 

Second of all, it’s difficult to imagine the logistics of conquest in the version you proposed. What about communication? That would require a separate chat. And what if an entire alliance would like to participate? Would that be permitted, or would each member be treated as an individual player? Would a random team of individuals be created for each conquest, or would a team, once created, remain the same (this second option in essence creates a parallel world inside RR2)? I’m sure one could find many other problems. 

The only change I can think of that would give conquest mode greater “optionality” would be the possiblity for alliances to declare (or not) their participation in conquest before it starts. That way, if an alliance does not want to participate, it will not be put on the conquest map.

The next Conquest WILL have a duration of 5 days, as announced here:


They lose Nothing…really!!.They will lose their alliance with players leaving slowly.

So,what happens if 10 members in an alliance want to play conquest and the remaining wants to avoid it?

So,you are suggesting Conquest hungry players all need to move to an alliance and remaining form their own alliance?

That is what is happening currently.And these Alliances trying to avoid conquest are gonna perish,which means a lot of players quitting.


I personally think there is no problem with conquest. Maybe sometimes conquest is a little bit boring, sometimes it’s fun.

For me this game was entertainment, when we had strong and powerful attacks. After all those nerfs in offence and buffs in defence there is no strength in attacks anymore. Most used spells I see in my attack history are poison, stun, shield, … Boring spells.

Spells like sonic blast, Hammerstrike and so on have become less used. Troops often die. This game has become like proleague all the time. Personally I hate proleague. No speed, no power, no fun.

Beside these changes, Flare introduced ridiculous prices for those alliance buildings in stronghold.

So many long term players / members / friends quit.

Yeah, for me most fun was lost after the ‘rebalancing’ shortly after 4.0 came out.

Add to that the almost impossible task of keep saving non stop for the overpriced stronghold team buildings, and I get why lots of people are just stopping all together.

and sadly I don’t see it improving soon… Ah well, we had some good years with RR2, probably time for something else now

Now,it is gonna run every 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks.

The total time conquest is played still remains the same