how do you overcome boosted pallys?

I have trouble when on the offensive against boosted pallys. Can someone give me any pointers on how to defeat them?

bladestorm, blizzard, swordrain. They fall like flies

Awesome thanx

Bladestorm whipes most of them out, unless paladins are (almost) maxed. Poison also does the trick, but that is wasting a spot for a spell where another spell is better for cleaning the base.


Make sure the hero doesn’t get hit by them, otherwhise they could survive a max bladestorm.


But there are other/better ways then wasting spells. When mummy is at least level 3, he whipes them out very easily. He uses stun and within one or two strikes those paladins are history. Blazing knights will do the trick also if their level is high enough and you have a bunch of them with the help of hero scream. Plus boosted ogre smashes them under the ground.


That is main reason why above a certain trophy range the paladins aren’t used any longer in defense.


Since you are a member of our alliance, feel free to ask around in alliance chat. Our members are certainly willing to give you great advice and help you to beat paladin defenses.