How do you spend our money??

Flare i would like to know in which way you spend our money. Yes,because we give you money to improve our kingdom but to finance the game (supposedly to hope that this game works better) as well. But you should know that we prefer that a game work good rather than innovation mainly. Innovation can wait. It comes later. I think the flow of a game is one of the most important aspect. Fluidity let a game works pretty good. In this case there is a big problem. So far you’ve released many updates,especially this year. You’ve always announced:this year there will be so many big updates. 

What’s the matter? You think is better to choose innovation rather the flow of this game? How can innovation work without a good base of fluidity?

After the latest update there have been so many issues. Crashes everywhere,no videos and so on. This bring understandable complaints rightly.

Now there’s the question: how you spend our money? Of course to add an extra into your salary. After that you spend our money to improve the game as well? I don’t think so. You’re getting worse the game update after update. Let me say:i don’t care about ninjas and about stupid updates if you re not able to make the game work properly. You’re releasing many updates to show what? That you’re working for us? you’re improving the game?

I just think as usual that (mainly this year) you’re grasping at straws. You want to show us that you’re working good (as you want to make it look like as usual),you think about the players but in my opinion,in reality you want to hide your incompetence. If you want to improve the game,solve all the problems (all the crashes mainly) of this game firstly. Before you release a new update:think about it before you launch it. Then maybe you can think about new updates. They come later,the fluidity first.  

Flare is not working for us. They are working for themselves like any other company out there. They make a product, RR2 in this case, and hope people will play it and buy gems packages. By buying those packages, you’re not buying stock options, you’re buying goods.

Flare is playing on both side here, trying to please the customer and trying to make revenue. What they do with thier money is their choice. It’s like askin Apple or Samsung the same. Not of our business.

testing it before launching would be great.

Caffine is kicking out there ability.

We welcomed it with a big hope for better.

So, should you.