How does damage reflection work?

Does a 20% DR ranking mean DR procs 20% of the time when attacked? Is this an AoE cone or single target? Like is damage reflected back only to the damage-er or is damage from a single source reflected back in AoE? Can reflected damage be resisted? How? Is reflected damage elemental? Physical? Unbranded? Does the Reflector take damage when the effect procs? Or does it shave damage in addition to reflecting it?

thats all I think. 

Good question but I think you can find all these answers by playing alone.

Surprisingly if you want i can share some info on damage reflection too.I have experimenting with it along with potency ,frostbite ,stun,petrify and demolition.All these perks are good if you on some specific heroes.Right now I have three heroes(Cadmus,Perseus and Artemis) that have above 50% damage reflection(it is a very good perk for a defender but not for attacking heroes)

Don’t know about it but I am sure it means 20 % DR will reflect 20% of the damage done to hero.


it is a AOE cone but its arc is small that it only hit two three archer or similar small units.For structures it hits only a single structure(my guess they are big and takes more space than spear man,sirens ,archers like small units) that is in front of hero like barricade takes damage whenever Apollo tower hits my hero DR reflects some portion of that damage back to barricade as it is right in front of hero.


Damage from DR can be avoided but there is only one scenario where I have seen it gets reflected .

A Hero can reflect damage from an Ancient defender equipped with DR items.

But don’t whether its reflects elemental damage or physical damage( @CaptainMorgan can you confirm this?I have no idea about it but you are the only one who can answer this question.)?

Actually it does both. Reflector also takes some portion of damage while reflecting the damage and that is because game does not have 100% DR bonus as a perk.



Some basic things we noticed as a bunch of thereocrafting individuals: DR % corresponds to the % of incoming damage one can reflect. You reflect it all the time, whenever something bad comes your way. It converts ANY incoming damage into a small AOE cone, like Holy said. The damage reflected is ALWAYS physical, so a way to resist highly reflective statues is to have a 70%+ physical resist. I believe AOE cone is expanded by AOE perks, need to run more tests with that though. As for the reflector, I am unsure whether it is the reflect or resistance which kicks in first, but I believe that you get all of the damage, so nothing is reflected. Thats where resists come in, else a 70% reflect defender would be close to immortal.

Hope this helps. There is info in a couple of posts, but I forgot their exact location unfortunately (and they have not been classified yet)

I think we’re all just guessing without some official feedback. 

For one, you can see the cone when it procs, so I don’t think it’s “always on” like you theorized. But I don’t know, either. 

Guess my description was slightly unclear. The cone is not always on, but it always works whenever something bad comes your way. Proc chance is 100%, not uptime. Thats why there is the “,whenever something bad comes your way” pointer there

I’m not sure if that’s true, either, and if it is it’s different than the way demolition and frostbite work, where the % stat is the % chance that the perk will activate at full power. 

But if you have low levels of DR and you stand at a barricade getting shot at, you only see the cone appear every once in a while. So either they only show the visual periodically, and less frequently the less DR you have, or it works the same as frostbite and demolition. 

Damage Reflection is non-Elemental, and in this case, Physical also counts as an element. There is no resistance to it.

It has a 100% proc chance, it will always reflect X% of the damage you would take. If you have 15% DR, you will essentially have 15% resistance to all damage, and that 15% is reflected in an arc in front of you.

Awesome, thank you!



explains exactly why Perseus mirror shield is so good, you can hit the 90% physical res and then get extra ‘resistance’ in the form of reflection.

@CaptainMorgan when ure so kind to answer us all this, can i ask u few additional DR/area dmg questions :slight_smile:

  1. lets assume that attacker deals 20k physical dmg, defender have 40% DR and 50% physical resistance… 40% of damage is reflected back to attacker (8k which cannot be resisted by attacker), and 50% of remaining 12k is resisted by defender, so attacker does 6k dmg to defender and receives 8k dmg with his hit only?

  2. how it works if both heroes have DR… is it some kind of recursion behind? Every hit is endless recursion this way?

  3. it seems that area dmg + DR works very good on gatekeepers for no obvious reason to me… even for very low %ges of DR… why? area damage on attacking heroes is just some area damage with certain range i assume (range 2?)… as all dmg is area dmg on gks anyway, hows it possible that area dmg items increase gks dmg so significantly but dmg increase shown is just minimal… thats especially noticable with some minor DR (2-3% only)…


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I can’t wait to see @CaptainMorgan response. On #2, based on typical programming simplicity is king as well as based on observation, it seems when both have DR each attack is calculated and scored independently meaning reflected damage does not get reflected a second time, but it is hard to know with certainty.